Steampunk Nintendo Gameboy Part One





Introduction: Steampunk Nintendo Gameboy Part One

Custom made steampunk gameboy



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    14 Discussions

    Wow that looks amazing! Do you also have an instruction of how you made it? :)

    Looks great! If I did this to mine, I'd probably play it more often

    A friend just linked me this and now I know what must be done to finally de-shame my hot pink gameboy color that I got when I was sixteen, second-hand, at a gift exchange.

    Thank you. Thank you so much.

    nice job +1
    Dissapointed that you use a Behringer Mixer, that stuff breaks very easy and the audio quality is to cry
    Source: Being a professional Audio Tech

    Brilliant! Of course those things are already so old steampunk isn't far off! I wish I'd never lost my original gameboy . . .those things are gloriousness in a box!

    great mod, i have a nds lite, & been thinking lately to do something like that
    (my ds only have leds on it).
    So thank you, this is inspiring me already.
    great job BTW.