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Introduction: Steampunk Nutcracker

Meet Walnutsworth- the newest addition to my holiday nutcracker collection. Started our as a "blank" wooden nutcracker but after a day of painting, building, and decorating, he is now a steampunk gentleman complete with clockwork robotic arm and jetpack! Enjoy!



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    Where did you buy the nutcracker itself?

    could I ask where you found some of those pieces for him? like what did you make the jet pack out of and some of the ribbon, I know the gears and stuff had to come from watches maybe? but the rest is amazing.

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    Oh thank you! Almost all of the pieces were either already owned (many of the gears and springs were taken from old clocks etc.) or were bought at Joanne's. I was really surprised how much we were actually able to find there without going to other places. Also, funny story, the jetpack is actually a modified wooden bird house. We basically just spent all day looking at things thinking "hey this could look like something else if we turned it upside down or looked at it this way" and so on. I don't know that you'll be able to find the exact parts we used, but I encourage you to think creatively and have fun with whatever pieces you find.

    Lets see, of course this was completed in time, because I was searching for all sorts of things to use, but I did find a nutcracker at the dollar store with a broken arm that they sold to me for a buck (woot) and then I found odds and ends that I think might work, like lock washers for the gears, some rivits for other parts, doweling that I painted black, wire for the eye glass cause I have tons of that, old jewelry pieces that looked odd. I have some felt for the coat and some lace for the sleeves under the coat (unless that isn't really steampunk? let me know please), I also have some fancy material that I was thinking about putting under the coat, (Like you have on yours) I also found some small chain that might work and some little tubes that I'm not sure what they were used for and hopefully they won't be needed cause they would work for pipes. I could not find watch parts that weren't plastic and I tore up some of my clocks looking for them. they were broken so it was okay. I like clocks.

    Now its the matter of putting it all together :)

    My sister collects nutcrackers and I thought, since I couldn't find one that she doesn't already have, I would make her this then she can't say she doesn't have a steampunk one. Not to mention she will have the only steampunk one in her collection (besides yours of course, but yours isn't going into her collection :))

    I hope you don't mind me getting inspiration off of yours? I'm not going to take your idea. You will be getting all the credit for it, cause I totally love yours.

    I am going to add this to my favorites cause I forgot too last time. and thanks a bunch for the reply.

    that was meant to say 'wasn't' completed yet....sorry typos.

    Like I needed another reason to break into things and steal all their little parts. Awesome way to build the holidays.

    now that would be an awesome idea for my sister since she collects nutcrackers. I like this.