Introduction: Steampunk-Plasma-Telegraph

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Hi everybody
After some days of construction I´d like you to show my new steampunk object. It is called: "The Steampunk-Plasma-Telegraph"

To give you an first impression watch this film:

All parts I used have had "a former life" e.g. a wodden salad bowl, the sockets of old bulbs, an damaged antique torch and the copper tube-parts from an old electric water heater

Step 1: About the Optical Parts

I got the idea to create this steampunk Plasma-Telegraph, when I bought an old german torch from 1930´s on a flea market. It was too damaged to be restored but very useful in my Plasma-Telegraph as you can see. I took an iris from an old microscope put it an copperring around that perfectly fits around the former glass ringholder. For the light I took an old signal lamp filled with neon gas on a E14 socket. I integrated this lamp in the reflector so that all optical elements were centered.
On the following pictures you can see how wonderful it shines.

Step 2: Look Inside the Torch

When you open the backside of the torch you can see the socket of the bulb connected with the brown and the white wire. The green and the yellow wire leads from the push down switch to the sound module.

Step 3: Look Inside the Woodden Box

Now let us see what is in the former sald bowl: After opening the bottom first you see the 1,5 Volts AA battery for the light. The red and black wire (drilled together) lead to the on/off switch of the main light and then they go to the small electronic you already know from my other projects. This electronic comes from an flash of an disposal camera.
Next you see the sound module. I was recording an sound of an old steam horn which was used in foggy weather. The microphone and recording switch have been put away and also the loudspeaker had been changed into a better one. Now the sound is very impressive!

Step 4: Nearly All Together

Here you can see the three finished objects of my steampunk plasma collection The aparatus on the left side will be shown soon. Hope you enjoy my work and have fun  with your creative steampunk ideas.
Have fun and stay tuned
Yours Aeon Junophor



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    Another great design Junophor! If you changed the sound effect from a steam engine to a ship's fog horn, this would not be out of place on Jules Verne's Nautilus! Another brilliant steampunk invention!

    4 replies

    Hi winged fist
    I´m so sorry about the tunes Quality but the sound I recorded is from an original steam driven fog horn howling in Hamburg,Germany while it was very foggy!!!! Maybe it was taken from the Nautilus at her last visit....who knows...
    In reality my Plasma-Telegragh sound is very loud and spooky
    Thanks for you wonderful comment. I´m so pleased about these reactions and try to go on in that manner.

    Aeon Junophor

    The sound effect is great! And I enjoy it even more knowing now that it is authentic. But to me it sounds a bit more like a train then a ship... Maybe in Germany, boats sound like trains in the US?;-) Great Instructable... 5 stars!

    Thank you very much. It´s really great to know that someone likes my projects so much to send me five stars!!!

    Aeon Junophor

    Aeon – I think all your work demonstrates outstanding craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity, and have thus rated all your projects with 5 stars, in some cases to balance the votes of those lacking in taste! Keep up the good work! (BTW - I particularly like your outdoor lamps and your pocket clock, amongst the few projects that the Instructable editors didn't feature, and think those deserved 5 stars as well;-)

    Hello to everybody
    Thank you for your compliments. I´ll try my very best to find my own style and there is so much of inspiration here to get. Great !!! So I´d like to thank and congratulate you all to your wonderful projects

    Yours Aeon Junophor

    It is cool! Many of these things are beyond my abilities I fear, but they do look awesome. I think this would make a uber cool looking web cam too.