Steampunk Plasmabeam Outdoor Lamp


Introduction: Steampunk Plasmabeam Outdoor Lamp

About: I love to invent and create new things in a "steampunk styled way" working with brass, copper, vulcanized-fibre, brass gears and (ply)- wood. On one side I am fascinated in neon lights and small electronic ...

Here is my third steampunk project called: "Plasma beam outdorlamp". As a mad scientist you need such a plasma beam light to protect youself against big moskitos or whatever will come unexpecpactliy in your tent.

This film gives you an small impression:

Step 1: Changeable Bulbs

If you want you can change the bulb to have a good light fo reading.

Step 2: View Inside

For this lamp I took an old iron handlamp and modified it a little bit. The electronic inside ist taken from a disposal camera and changed in that way as you can see it at the "High-voltage-ignited-plasma-bulb" project. It ist started with a micro switch on the low voltage side and has additional a control LED wich shows you that the electronic is working.

The white candle bulb hides a cfl light but only the glass tube. The electrical connection of the cfl glas tube  follows to the normal parts of the  E27-centra socket. Please mention that you can use such a bulb only! in this gadget!! The white Candle part is made of plastic so it ist a real schock protection an you can use it very well outdoor. The light  runs abvout 20 hours with two AA-batteries.

The Neon plasma bulb is not modified , you can use this bulb either in this small lamp or even take an normal lamp driven by 230Volt in your home. 

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    Cool, Looks reminiscent of the transistor radios of the late 50's. Nice 'Ible!

    Hi longwinters

    The big bulb shown in the movie can be ordered in germany for about 5 Euros. The CFL is an modified one by my own using an cfl tube and the well known disposal camera electronic. The cover around is made of plastic from the former cfl bulb and fits perfectly in the brass made socket of an big bulb called "centra-Beaming bulb" which you also can be ordere at OSRAM, Germany or in elektric light shops or so. I get the old and broken ones put the glass parts away and use the sockets for my new ideas.
    Yours Aeon Junophor

    On that same note - selling yours Instructables had /has a link ad displayed on your page here - check them out...

    you could get some ideas and perhaps some pricing ranges for your steam punk lights... if you deside to market them that is...

    best of luck and keep posting your instrucables - they are some of my fav's for sure!


    Great job Junophor!

    I think you really found a niche - and should market some of your stuff to the high end designers and such... as funtional artwork... be sure to put a high dollar price tag on them and limit the editions by numbering and signing them.

    They'll think they are even more chiche adn worth that much more as designer functional artwork... bet they's sell like hot cakes at a sunday morning brunch!