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About: I love to invent and create new things in a "steampunk styled way" working with brass, copper, vulcanized-fibre, brass gears and (ply)- wood. On one side I am fascinated in neon lights and small electronic ...

Hello everybody
Good  things must not be always complicated:
Lock at this small steampunk gadget for your pocket. It was doe in two hours (after getting the idea;-))

Step 1: How to Do:

I just took an old iron case which was in former times a handlamp. But as you can see the lens, reflector and the bulb are missing. So I  just put a piece of "Vulkanfiber" (as you already know by looking at my other projects;-)) a special sort of paper..., four brass screws 12 brass made "Lüsterklemmen "(sort of electric stuff to connect ellectrical wires by fixing with srews), a black covered steal wire  a wrist watch an old Lens from another old torch, a rubber fitting, a pice of black rope and some small stailess steel wire. 

I just had to cut a new hole in the tin and in the pice of Vulkanfiber for the clock and the lens. The lens was fixed with PU-glue and surrounded with the small rope.The rope was formed to a closed ring an melted carefully together with a lighter. Arround the new brown plate I decorated the "Lüsterklemmen" with the black wire through them. They have also been fixed with PU-glue.

The next step is placing the watch at the right position on the rubberfitting. At least fix the watch across with two small stainless steel wires around the screws....

... and that`s it!!

For changing batteries you just have to srew up the holders and take the watch out.



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    5 Discussions

    Winged Fist

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Junophor – I've been meaning to comment on this fine looking project....

    I've recently become a fan of the TV show "Warehouse 13," for all of the creative Steampunk gadgets they include in the show, and this pocket clock, ( as well as your Steampunked-Squeaky-Squeezer (Taktilophone)), remind me very much of the "Farnsworth" communication device featured in this show. (See photo). I guess it's the old handheld lamp case...

    I've been thinking about building something like this for my iPod, once I finish all the other projects still incomplete on my list;-)

    2 replies

    Then you might like the Instructable I just posted:

    JunophorWinged Fist

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Winged Fist

    I think this ist not an converted handheld lamp case, it looks more like a hand made radio in an altoid or other tin box. But You are right it looks very interesting and invites to play with........

    For explanation I have collected more than 175 antique handlamps of this special type made of metal working with a special battrie of 4,5 Volts from 1890 to 1960/1970. All the handlamp cases I use in my projects are orginally ones and left over from restoring such lamps oft these type for my historic collection.

    Aeon Junophor


    7 years ago on Introduction

    wow...excellent reconstruction...i like the black/golden lines