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I wanted to design a necklace that had a QR Code in it. I figured it would be an awesome conversation piece and also a great way of giving my information out at a jewelry show or at a party. I wanted to have a steampunk feel to the piece and that is why I went with the octopus leg with gears as the suckers. I debated on having the octopus leg curl around the QR Code but I decided to go with the leg holding up the QR Code. I figured this way would also allow me to also easily change the QR Code later.

I originally wanted to do this project out of wood. Unfortunately, I'm not very well good with using the wood burning iron. It would also been a wonderful project for laser cutter. Instead I was able to find some chipboard that I had from some brochures, so I decided to try it out.

Items I Used:

Embossing Powder (sterling silver & Pirate Gold)
Embossing Ink Pen
Heat Gun
Laser Printer
Head Pins
Toggle Clasp
Czech Fire-Polished Beads (4mm & 6mm)
ecraft (but you can use scissors)
Rosary Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Tablet (or computer)

Step 1: Create a QR Code

I used our tablet with android to create and test my QR Code. For the information on it, I used my website for jewelry. There are also a bunch of websites dedicated to creating QR Codes if you search online. I made mine a little smaller in inkscape and printed it out with my laser printer.

I didn't want the paper to be too bright so I aged the paper by using a tea bag (that I already used for tea) and swiped it over the QR Code. Then I let it dry.

Step 2: Cut Your Shapes

First I created a pattern for the octopus leg and the drop holding the QR code using Inkscape. I then used my ecraft to cut out three octopus legs and three drops out of chipboard. You can trace out the pattern on chipboard and use scissors to cut it out if you don't have a craft cutter. The three of each piece will make the focals more sturdy.

I waited to cut the gears out till later because they will be vary small and it is easier to emboss the chipboard first.

Step 3: Emboss

To get the gold look of the piece I used an Embossing pen, powder, and a heat gun. I only embossed what will be the front and back of my pieces.

I also embossed an area on a piece of chipboard using a sterling silver emboss. Then used the ecraft to cut out the gears.

Step 4: Glue Together

I glued the pieces of chipboard together. I also cut the gears in half and glued them on top of the octopus leg. The last piece that I glued on was the QR code to the top of the drop.

Step 5: Make Necklace & Connect

I then used headpins, beads, chain, and rosary pliers to create the necklace. I also made the octopus leg and drop connect with a headpin and bead. Finally I finished it off with a toggle clasp. Then it was ready to wear and make a statement!



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    1 year ago

    Lovely placement setting.

    mr monoply33

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I did this a while ago, but couldn't post it in the comments for fear of it being found before I had the chance to surprise her with it.

    I found a local store that specialized in trophies and plaques. They happened to have a laser engraver that was capable of writing a QR on a tolerably small level. I liked the idea more as a bracelet charm over a necklace, just so it's a bit more subtle.

    1 reply

    Those who do feel that way are sheeple, believing anything that says "steampunk" is steampunk. Steampunk, as an aesthetic type, usually includes some sort of pseudo-steam or pseudo-clockwork mechanism, as well as often brass and/or leather material, and based on Victorian-era fashion. This has none of those facets.


    What’s not steampunk about an Antiqued brass colored necklace with garnet colored beads that has a focal as an octopus leg with gears as suckers? I think you are missing what Instructables is about. It is not only to share our ideas but also to help us improve upon our ideas. I think for a lot of us we use what we have to make our projects. Just because some of us can see potential in a project doesn’t mean that we are “sheeple.” I’ve stated very plainly that I wanted to use a different medium but it didn’t work out. The great thing is that the community has now helped me with a few ideas that would definitely help me to change my project for the better. What is even more wonderful is that there are instructables to help me with it. Even if I didn’t want to change the project, I’m sorry you can’t think out of the box. I think one of the beauties of steampunk is that it’s not clearly defined in a set of rules and it is open for imagination. Creativity is the beauty of seeing beyond what something currently is or may have been to make something new.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great use of embossing powder, the only mod I'd make would be to round the corners of the QR code charm (for comfort).

    FYI for you builders: kickstarter has a cheap(ish) 3D printer kit going right now, if you're confident in tech building abilities.


    7 years ago on Step 5

    Always remember the girl model, muuuuack so cute.


    im not suprised...they dont usually use an idea thats not theirs and get pissed when someone tries to use their ideas.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You! That's a good point on the dog tags. I'm curious how long before everything has a qr code on it.

    QR Code, aka quick response code, is a type of barcode that can be read by a cell phone. The QR code can have text or commands encoded into it. Mine has my jewelry website address encoded into it :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice...I Like this Idea. Would you mine sharing what site you used to print the code.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction I used our tablet to create mine but for our online webstore we used this website. It allowed us to encode a little more information in the QR Code.


    7 years ago on Step 5

    Cool project! I can't wait to try my own version with shrink plastic. You make your pattern almost twice as big as the finished pieces will be, which makes it easier to cut out. You can trace the pattern through the shrink plastic. Use a hole punch to make the holes and apply the ink and powder before shrinking the plastic pieces in the oven. The plastic shrinks and becomes thicker and harder and the embossing becomes concentrated and smooth. You can also paint, draw or stamp on the shrink plastic before curing it and it becomes a permanent part of the cured plastic. I would make a stencil for the gears and carefully use it to stencil on the silver embossing powder. You could also make the gears seperately and then glue them on after curing. Shrink plastic can even be curved and shaped while it is still hot. Wear thick gloves to handle the hot plastic. Once it's cool, you can drill it and sand or file the edges smooth. I'll post a picture when mine is done.

    WARNING: Shink plastic is fun and very addictive!

    1 reply

    Very good idea! I had never thought about embossing shrinky dinks. I'm excited to try it ou when I get some time.

    I would love to see your version! :)