Steampunk: Quadcopter

Introduction: Steampunk: Quadcopter

Noah Baker, Jacob Steele, Luke Barrow, Stephen Podlogar

We were interested in creating a quadcopter from scratch, and potentially take it a step further to follow us via Bluetooth.

How it Works:

When the remote control is powered on and the throttle is pushed forward, it sends a radio signal to the receiver on the drone

When the battery is connected to the power distribution board it will light up two light, one signals it has at least 11 volts of power while the other signals it has at least 5 volts of power. Once the power distribution board has power it then sends power to each of the four speed controllers, which have built in resistors, and the speed controllers individually send power to each motor.

Parts List:

4x 2300kv Brushless Motors:

4x electornic speed controller:

Power Distribution Board:

4x Propellers:

UltraSonic Sensors:

Lipo Battery:

Motor Drive expansion:

RC Remote with Receiver:


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks


Electrical Tape

Soldering Iron



Wire Strippers

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Step 1: 3D Print Center Piece

Step 2: 3D Print 4 Legs

Step 3: Create Frame

Step 4: Attach the 4 Motors to Frame

Step 5: Solder 4 Electronic Speed Controllers (ESPs) to Power Distribution Board (PDB)

Step 6: Solder 4 ESPs to the 4 Motors

Step 7: Solder PDB to Flight Controller

Step 8: Solder Radio Receiver to Flight Controller

Step 9: Attach 4 Signal Wires From ESPs to Radio Receiver

Step 10: Setup RC to Work With the 4 Radio Channels You Connected

Step 11: Attach Battery to PDB

Do not cross wires!! Battery will run out very fast due to high current, so be sure to disconnect either positive or negative side after each test/use.

Step 12: Turn RC On

Motors should start to beep and fidget if everything is set up correctly

Step 13: Move Throttle Up

Step 14: Motors Should Begin Spinning!

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