Steampunk Ray Gun and Costume

Introduction: Steampunk Ray Gun and Costume

About: I'm an art student at Virginia Commonwealth University. My first taste of the DIY community was an issue of MAKE magazine that a friend let me borrow. I loved it, but it wasn't until college that I stumbled ...

This was a cool steampunk costume I did for Halloween last year. The ray gun was documented as part of my artistic portfolio and helped me win a fellowship. Pardon my odd expression in these photos.

Ray Gun Ingredients:
Misc. brass pieces from the headboard of an old bed
Brass doorknobs
Misc. brass hardware and rod
Misc. copper pipes and fittings
Leather scraps
Misc wood
Handle from cane
Old belt

Hope it gives you all some inspiration!



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    I love how most steampunk ingredient lists have the word "Misc" in them. Steampunk is the best outlet for creativity and the best use of old metallic crap.

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    For those (including myself) who are complete steampunk nerds, the only 3 requirements to be truly classified as steampunk are: it has to be based on steam power, It should make a statement, and it isn't ment to work.

    Nice! You may like some of these...

    Just think of the arsenal available to J and K in the MIB. Them little ones weren't so little in power :)

    Ignore the nay sayers. I love it. It is so cool. Great job :O

    You guys ought to check out Harry Grindell 'Death-Ray' Matthews, another inventor on the Tesla lines who ran foul of the authorities (in this case, the British Navy) and got nowhere despite showing hard results.

    You can hardly call that a ray gun... more like a Mac-10. By the way, your costume and ray gun is awesome!

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    mac-10 ????? do u know what a mac-10 looks like?!? this looks like a thompson

    Nice, i like it, because its slightly more original than most.