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In this instructable I am going to show you how to modify a Rubiks Cube to give it an aged look. You can of course use any type of Rubiks Cube to do this mod, but I decided to go with a gear cube.

I am obsessed with Rubik Cubes and since the original wooden one is ridiculously expensive, I decided to modify one to look kind of similar. Have fun making your own.

Step 1: Getting Started

Stuff you need:

  • gear cube (e.g. here)
  • golden spray paint
  • plastic primer
  • black acrylic paint, paint brush
  • clear coat
  • masking tape
  • thin veneer or vinyl stickers with a wood structure
  • silicone grease
  • screw driver
  • optional: drill, sanding paper

Depending on the cube you get the middle pieces might be glued in place. Carefully drill a hole into two opposite sides and unscrew the screws. Now you can take the cube apart and unscrew all the other screws as well.

Step 2: Preparing the Pieces for Painting

Prime all the pieces or slightly sand them. Remember to only paint the pieces that are visible from the outside.

Also tape the middle of the cross to prevent paint from getting into the mechanism.

Step 3: Paint the Pieces

Carefully spray paint the pieces. Remember to only paint the pieces that are visible. Use thin layers to make sure they still move later. To give them an aged look I dry brushed them with black paint. You can also use products like Rub 'n Buff. Simply dip your paint brush into the paint and wipe off most of it. Then carefully paint the pieces starting from the corners.

Once you are happy with your pieces use clear coat to make them more durable.

Step 4: Reassemble the Cube

Before reassembling the pieces use some silicone lube to make sure they move properly.

Start by assembling the middle. Use the pieces that allow you to access the screws as top and bottom. Once you have assembled the top or bottom tighten the screw.

Step 5: Adding the Stickers

I laser cut the veneer, because it was way faster to do so, but you can also carefully use a knife. An even easier way is to use vinyl that looks like wood.

I uploaded the file I used for laser sutting should you have access to one.

Congratulation, you are done.

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    1 year ago


    really nice project!

    It seems that the attached file is corrupted.

    Could you releoad it or add it in another format, for example PS?

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    And my morning starts with visions of Hellraiser. Cool mod!


    1 year ago

    Cool but not a Rubiks cube. Puzzle cube sure. Gear cube from Mefferts.


    1 year ago

    This looks really neat! I love the design :)


    1 year ago

    I like your version way better than the original.

    1 reply