Steampunk Shoulder Armor




Introduction: Steampunk Shoulder Armor

...needing a cool shoulder piece for this years costume it was my goal to recreate leather shoulder armor out of duck tape brand tape. I used the basket weave technique for this project, you could use dragon scales for a medieval look as well.

Step 1: Created Templates Out of Paper

after looking around the net awhile I finally decided on a style, so it was time to make the templates

Step 2: Transfer Templates to Cardboard (Pizza Box Lid)

transfered all the template to cardboard for thickness and structure for the tape to form too. Pay attention to the direction of the lines in the cardboard, best to run them up and down to make rolling the piece around your arm easier.

Step 3: Basket Weaving the Tape

simple basket weaving the tape. cut the straps just longer than your template, fold in half length wise to make fabric, ensure no white is showing. Continue this for up and down pieces and side to side pieces...repeat for every piece. used tape to secure tape on the back side

Step 4: Trim Piece to Match Template

just trace your template over the tape with a sharpie and cut off the extra. repeat for all pieces.

Step 5: Edge Tape

used tape to secure the edging as not to allow the piece to flap, dresses up the edge for a finished look. repeat for all pieces

Step 6: Final Assembly

I used tape to attatch the first 3 pieces together as a hinge. this will act as one solid piece when tapped together. the bottom 2 pieces were tapped together as to allow movement of the bicep muscle independently. the last two pictures show the back/inside of the pieces and how they are just taped together. pay attention to the way they lay on each other and off to the goodwill for some leather belts to make the harness.

Step 7: Goodwill Belts and a Little Velcro

spent a buck on 2 belts from the goodwill, had to cut slots in the second plate to pass the belt thru, buckled on chest and back....FIN



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    10 Discussions

    My son loves this idea. Any help you could give us on finding the template???

    This armor looks really awesome but can you please link us to the template that you used? Thanks.

    Hey there! I like this idea a lot, but I don't really understand how the it works. Could you make it more detailed?

    not bad, now try making a gauntlet that looks like brass, or copper out of cheap materials.FYI, I am a steampunk expert. good luck to you and your steam punk makings!

    3 replies

    what defines a Steampunk expert...just curious? I have no real use for a gauntlet, but I'll accept your challenge. I am currently finishing up my blunder buss, and I will pursue the gauntlet as a challenge. thanks for viewing my Instructible.

    Hey ! First, awesome work, costuming as I like, good looking AND cheap ! But could you detail a bit more on how you assembled it? I did not really catch it... Thanks in advance!

    2 replies

    Yes ! A lot and we get a preview so it's perfect, thanks you!