Steampunk Sky Raider Jetpack With MP3, LEDs & Fog Machine




Introduction: Steampunk Sky Raider Jetpack With MP3, LEDs & Fog Machine

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Please Note:  Due to the heat of the Fog Machine, I have added three new items;  

1 3-Way "T' Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone ( Spray Paint Gold)
1 Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone
3 Feet - Heater Hose (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone 
This cost $15.00 Bucks and works way better.

You will need:

2 Cans Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold Spray Paint

1 Can Krylon Fusion Hammered Fine Bronze Spray Paint

1 Can Gray Primer Spray Paint

1 Can Goof Off

2 bags - 6ft universal connect dishwasher discharge hose with clamps by homeworks worldwide (home depot)

3 Empty Plastic Soda Bottles - one clear 3 liter Coca-Cola bottle and, two clear 2 liter sprite zero bottles

1 3-Way "T' Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone

1 Heater Hose Connector (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone

3 Feet - Heater Hose  (3/4") 19mm Auto Zone


Fine Grit Sandpaper

3M Double Sided Tape

Mp3 Player

Small Speakers

Speaker Gril Thingy

Cool LED Lights

Back Pack

Adhesive Backed Velcro Strips

X-acto Knife

Fog Machine

Fog Juice

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Step 1: Remove Labels & Glue From Bottles

1. Take three empty plastic soda bottles and pill off the labels.

I used one clear 3 liter Coca-Cola bottle and, two clear 2 liter sprite zero bottles. 

Remove the two green cap rings.

Spray on some Goof Off to remove the label glue and lightly scrap off the gunk. Rinse the bottles inside and out, then let dry.

Step 2: Sand & Cut Bottles

2. Use a fine grit sandpaper to lightly ruff up the plastic soda bottles just enough to remove the shine.

Cut the bottoms off the two 2 liter sprite zero bottles.

I use a lighter two bevel the ends inward and give them a flared look..

Cut a flap in the back of the 3 liter large enough for your hand to fit and a small round hole in front for your speaker grill.

NOTE: Latter I use a plastic thingy from an air freshener as a speaker grill.
I thought it would be easy to glue on the 3 liter but, I was wrong.
I used cool looking tacks to keep it in place. So, decide before cutting, what your going to use as a speaker grill.
If your good at cutting with an x-acto knife, you may want to use the stencil I made. I was originally going to use it and glue fine black mesh fabric to the inside of the bottle.

Step 3: Prime Bottles

3. Shake the primer sealer really good, then spray and coat the plastic  bottles.

I used a gray because I wanted a dulled look, use a white if your working with a foil spray paint or just want a brighter look.

I did not like working with the primer sealer, it was runny. =(

Step 4: Spray Paint Bottles

4. Spray both 2 liter bottles with Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold.

5. Shake the Krylon Fusion Hammered Fine Bronze really good.

Its ok if at first the paint looks green. Shake the can a little more and coat the 3 liter lightly, let dry and repeat until completely covered. Wile the bronze was still wet, I gave the bottle a fine mist of gold.

Step 5: Spray Paint Hose & T Connector

6. Cut one universal connection off the end of your 6ft hose. Cut the other 6ft hose in half (3ft) .
Note:  You may have to cut off both ends to your 6ft hose to fit it on your fogger.

Spray Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold on the hoses and 3-way T hose connector

7.  t-pipe, wash, dry and, paint gold.

Note: This round thing is what I used as a speaker grill.  It was sanded, primed and, painted bronze with a mist of gold.
Then I glued three layers of fine black mesh fabric to the inside or the grill.

Step 6: Hoses & Connecting Explained

Frist, connect heater hose to pipe connector

Next, connect other end of pipe connector to 6ft hose

Now, connect other end of 6ft hose to bottom end of T-pipe connector

Connect each 3ft hoses to left and right sides of T-pipe connector

Connect each universal connector (3ft hose) to left and right cap top

Last, connect heater hose to fogger before use

Disconnect heater hosse after flight 

Step 7: Assemble Jetpack

8. Wipe down bottles with a damp towel and cut two, 4 inch strips of 3m double sided tape. Line up your two side bottles and place tape on the inner sides, just out of view. Slowly slide the middle bottle forward, this should give your jetpack a “Mickey Mouse Ears” look.

Add your LED lights to the inside of your two side jets.  I used the 3M tape for this too.

9. Slide on one 3 foot hose onto the top of each side jet

10. Connect the three ends of the hoses to the T-pipe

11. Place Mp3 player and speakers into the big bottle

12. Add Velcro to the back of the big bottle and back of your back pack.

Step 8: Preflight Checklist & Shout Outs

13. Connect fogger to heater hose and place the connector onto other end of hose. Now connect the 6ft dishwasher hose together with the fogger hose.  

14. Plug in and let your fogger warm up for a bit after adding some fog juice.

15. Turn on your music and LEDs, put on your Steampunk Sky Raider Jetpack, turn on your fogger and JETOFF!!!

16. Have a great time with your new Steampunk Sky Raider Jetpack, and tell your all friends about this cool Intractable.

Shout Outs -

Special Thanks To:

SANVA - San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association - Facebook

San Antonio STEAMPUNK Society - Facebook

*SASSE* San Antonio Steampunk Society Of Engineers - Facebook -

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    39 Discussions


    5 years ago

    this is really cool! is there a way to carry the fog machine with u, or make it portable somehow?


    7 years ago on Step 4

    you say to spray BOTH bottles gold, but you show 3 bottles. It looks like you mean spray both Sprite bottles gold and the other bottle bronze. Am I right?


    7 years ago on Step 2

    Thanks, these look really cool. BTW, it can be regular Sprite bottles as they still have the cool dimples. And you should double check your grammar. Makes following you easier.

    you useD a lighted TO bevel the ends

    your is possessive, you're = you are; if YOU'RE good at cutting, etc.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Where does the fog machine go when you wear the jet pack?

    I'd love to see photo or videos of it in action!

    This has defintiely inspired me to add special effects to my rocket pack.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well, for now I have to hold the fog machine but, there is a cool fog machine that can be placed in the backpack. The tiny F07 is battery powered and cost about $1,825.99!!!

    I will get one . . . . one day . . . .cry . . . ='(


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    How about this one?

    or this:


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey!!!! thats way too cool! thank you and stuff!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No idea if they still make them, but I do recall seeing some type of fog wand that was quite cheap. Basically a miniature fog machine powered by batteries.

    A quick google search found a now discontinued item called "The Wizard Stick", but you may be able to track down something similar.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I was tying to find rocket sound FX online and it was junnky. so, for now I just added cool songs that like . . . . . . "ROCKET-MAN"

    I will try really hard to have the vid up soon. =D

    Cabbages and Kings
    Cabbages and Kings

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I was sort of thinking of the actual noise the fog machine makes (but I didn't realise it doesn't fit inside at the time).

    Nice work, but If I could make a suggestion, covering the cap of the soda bottle would go a long way, it still comes off as a soda bottle. Maybe put something dome shaped over it like a decorative bell, the scoop cut off a ladle from a thrift store, the cup from a broken metal flashlight. That part just makes it register as a golden soda bottle when I look at it, fix that and you're golden :P sorry about that one.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No, your right. This is my first time doing anything like this and I made a lot of mistakes. I felt really rushed to just hurry up and post because of the new change in voting. So, I hope next time the jetpack will turn out the way I had intended to look.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That's understandable, I've rushed projects to make a due date. It looks good overall, I'm just talking about little improvements.


    8 years ago on Step 8

    "Connect fogger to hose, add some fog juice, plug it in! " Say What ? you might have explained this and where to find one . Frankly that's the only reason I read this instructable .