Steampunk Sonic Screwdrivers




This is a full tutorial on how to make a steampunk sonic screwdriver.

These were built at a cost of about 1.50 USD each, but that only includes the price of threaded rod and electronics, and not the parts I scrounged from random bits and pieces of plumbing and metal bits.

Step 1: Plan It Out

First, the screwdriver is held together by a single 5/32 steel threaded rod.

This can be procured quite easily:

You will also need nuts to go with that, preferably 4 or 5.

Then, last but not least, some parts.

- 1 marble of your choosing

- A body (you can choose a diameter that fits your hand nicely)

- And other parts just to get everything evened out.

Step 2: Construction

So, first things first, lay out all your parts in the orientation they will be in when you assemble it.

Then, start by putting one washer at the very end of the threaded rod you bought.

Put the end cap on (the thing that holds everything in place), and stack up the parts in the order you laid them out in.

Finally, secure the top with another two or three nuts double tightened so that playing with it will not loosen it up so that it falls apart.

Then tighten the nuts on both ends so tight that you feel like it is one piece.


Step 3: Conclusion

You have built a sonic screwdriver! if you want to add electronics, just three things are needed: A battery, a button, and an led with color of your choice.

Now, go around annoying your cat with buzzing noises.

Please vote for me in the fandom contest! PLEASE?!

[If I win the contest, I will be giving away the light-up sonic screwdriver to anyone who asks first!!!]



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    20 Discussions

    Ben Shamblin

    3 years ago on Introduction

    Here is how you would wire it.

    You will need a pushbutton, several feet of wire, and a coin cell battery and holder,

    and an led. Then you connect the pushbutton to the positive lead of the battery and the other lead of the pushbutton to the positive lead of the led.

    Then connect the negative battery lead to the negative lead of the led.


    3 years ago

    These look great! Tho you don't seem to have actually entered any contest.

    2 replies

    I'm thinking If your design could fit an ATmega328p inside it, I could use a modified design for my mark II sonic...

    1 reply

    Gotcha. I was wondering because I have been working on my own sonic for a while and so far it's doing well; It makes the exact sound from the show and will be include a working tv b gone circuit inside it as well. The only issue I have with it is the body. Right now I am using a body that I 3d printed so although it's very screen accurate, it's made of plastic and doesn't extend. I'm interested in how you did the body, it being made of metal and extending. Could your design hold more advanced (and well, bigger) electronics than a switch and led? Thanks!

    I dont wanna go

    3 years ago

    Do you have any more detailed instructions on how you made the tenth doctor version?

    1 reply

    That one is a little bit more complicated. The sliding feature relies on two interconnecting pieces of tubing, and there is a slot cut in the backside so that you can slide it up and down with your thumb.

    I was lucky to find all the parts to be able to do it, but I would mabye sell it if you are interested.

    These screwdrivers look fantastic! I love the one based off the tenth doctor's- the extending feature is rockin'...

    Molto bene!

    1 reply