Steampunk Style Helmet.

Introduction: Steampunk Style Helmet.

About: I am a 13 year old boy and I love making costumes and hope to make them ffor Hollywood someday.

The idea with this hat was to make something unique, so if you make this I am encouraging you to make it your own. Add your own details like machine guns on the side of the hat, or make it pink and add pandas, do whatever tickles your fancy. However if you are one who enjoys following instructions then you can make one just like mine.

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Step 1: Materials

  • A cardboard tube
  • Cardboard
  • Spray paint (gold for mine)
  • A gear
  • A small flashlight
  • A dust mask
  • An empty Co2 cartridge
  • Wire
  • A phone cord
  • Transparent paper-ish stuff
  • Foam tubing
  • Hot glue and gun

Step 2: Head Harness.

For this one I am very sorry I had the stuff made before I started documenting this project. What you do is make a headband of cardboard then a semi-circle of cardboard and glue the semi-circle to the headband repeat with a second semi-circle. you should have a sort of cross-hairs design to stay on your head.

Step 3: Cylinder

Take a big rectangle of cardboard and glue it to the harness.

Step 4: Top Hat Rim And... Top.

Make and oval of cardboard and cut out the center to fit the top of the top hat and so that the rim fit around the rim and glue them on.

Step 5: Goggles

Cut two small tubes off of the big one glue those together with the wire to make a glasses like structure. then take the two small triangles and glue them to the outside of each small tube. Glu that to the under sid e of the front rim of the top hat.

Step 6: Gas Mask

Glue two portions of the foam tube to the dust mask and take a small portion of phone cord glue one end of it to one of the tubes and the other end to the mask.

Step 7: Flashlight

Spray paint the tube and cut one side of it open. Glue the flashlight into the tube

Step 8: Spray Paint

Spray paint the hat/goggles, mask, and a cardboard piece the size of the ugly side of the flashlight and a long skinny piece of cardboard.

Step 9: Lenses

Take two circles of the transparent paper stuff, the size of the goggles. Glue the circles to the back of the goggles.

Step 10: The Back.

Cut one of the tubes in half glue one half to each side of the Co2 container and glue that to the back of the helmet. Then glue the long skinny piece of cardboard over all of that. with on long wire glue to one of the half tubes. snake it around the side of the helmet and glue it there. Glue another length of cord to the other half tube and leave it there.

Step 11: Flashlight Part Two.

On the exposed side of the flashlight glue the piece of cardboard you painted earlier then with the side that has the loose piece of cord glue the flashlight rig onto the side of the helmet. Make sure the tube is on the outside and the cardboard is facing in. With the loose end off the cord attach the cord and flashlight together.

Step 12: Fornt Gear.

Glue two slips of cardboard to the gear and make sure the cardboard and gear will touch the hat. Glue that all down.

Step 13: DONE!

Thank you for viewing my instructable. I hope you enjoyed. Stay creative!

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    Thank you. I was really inspired by the Co2 canister.