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Introduction: Steampunk Tables Theater Props

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These tables were custom designed for a theater adaptation of Around The World In 80 Days that was produced by All For One Productions during April and May of 2015. The tables measure 30 inches in diameter and 30 inches tall. There is a circular piece of plexiglass on the top to create a uniform level surface.

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Step 1: Concept Development

The table that inspired this design was a rustic table created by Z Gallerie, which they appear to no longer sell.

The only aspect that remained similar in the final design was the general shape of the gear as the table top. I wanted to employ more of a rugged steampunk design to my tables, so I incorporated the castellated curved I-beams as the legs.

Step 2: Construction (Table Top)

There's not much to explain about the construction of these tables. They were made of scrap 3/4" plywood that I had laying around. Once I ran out of the plywood, I purchased 1/2" and 3/4" particleboard to finish them off. Unfortunately, it turned out that it would've been more beneficial to just have made them completely of particleboard. The texture of the plywood needed to be eliminated by coating the surface with Bondo and then sanding the pieces smooth. This caused me to run behind schedule. I initially had scheduled 1 week to complete these and they ended up taking 2 weeks. That left 1 week to build the Steampunk Clock which made for a long week with extremely late nights!

The tops were made of a 3/4" foundation with a 1/2" raised profile and an 1/8" lip. The circles were traced via my makeshift compass. Sometimes you have to make your own tools to get the job done. Everything was cut using a jigsaw. The pieces were glued together and secured using nails from a pneumatic nail gun. The surface grains and seams were filled with Bondo.

Step 3: Construction (Legs)

The legs were made of 3/4" particleboard. I had to be a bit inventive in my methods of tracing the curves, reconfiguring my homemade compass. The pieces were glued together and secured via pneumatic nail gun. Bondo was used to smooth these as well.

Step 4: Construction ("Glass")

24 inch diameter pieces of 1/8" plexiglass were cut for the table tops. They sat inside the 1/8" lip.

Step 5: Finishing

All the pieces were primed with Rustoleum's red filler primer, assembled using wood glue, then coated with Rustoleum's hammered copper to give it the steampunk textured look. The smaller black disks serve to stabilize the bottoms of the legs. A laser cut piece of stainless steel bearing Kretschmer Kreativ's logo was attached to the underside of each table.

Step 6: Completion

I should've had a beer with me in this picture...

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    3 years ago

    do you have plans for this? I would love to get my hands on some!


    3 years ago

    Wow! That looks great! Love the clock, too!


    3 years ago

    I love it. Good job.


    3 years ago

    Awesome looking table. Love it.