Steampunk Wallet With Secret Mechanical Lock. Cryptex Type_b

About: Steampunk artist, scientist, engineer


-Brass material

-Unique mechanical lock

- 100%Handmade

This is a toy puzzle. You may even consider that this is a tactical toy. All designs are locked. Rotate the drum (ring) and the container is OPEN, of course, if you know the code. Your money, flash drive or other secret personal belongings are securely hidden in this small portable vault. Key combination is unique for protection!

All parts was 100% handmade.

I have build over 20 Cryptex using this mechanical lock technology.

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Step 1: Your Pix on Metal(simplest Method)

What you'll need

a. For pix template

1. Print on Film for laser(incjet) printing

2. Cut black-printed parts on film(like in 1,2,5,6,7 photos)

3. Stick prepared template to metal (methal must be clean and defatted)

4. Paint the other parts of metal using oil varnish

b. Acid preparation

you'll need

1. One packet of food citric acid (50g in any local shop)

2. Two botles (100ml) of peroxide( in any pharmacy store)

3. One spoon of salt

Mix it and simplest acid will be ready

Photos 4-5-6-7 and result 9-10-11 (a chemical reaction 1hour)

Not that on photos 10 and 11 i used nitric acid for numbers. (a chemical reaction 1 minute)

In all my next creations i use Photoresist method like in PCB. Using photoresist method you'll get excellent quality in transferred picture

Step 2: And Parts

All drawings in my head. If simeone want to build it, let me know. i'll make some drowings



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    6 Discussions


    10 months ago

    I would love to know how you made this because I would like to make one a little bigger about the size of a coffee cup.

    2 replies

    Reply 9 months ago

    let me know in a week ill be at home and post mechanism update. but on this cryptex it really difficult


    2 years ago

    Уважаемый скиньте чертежик


    3 years ago


    How did you do that? How did you do the mechanics?

    Could you send me your drawings?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Latre, soldering, cutting and time. A lot of time

    On photos all parts and sizes for understanding

    Drawings i'll add after kickstarter