Steampunk Wings


Introduction: Steampunk Wings

These are my latest version of my wings. They are air powered and open 13 ft. I made them over the course of a few years with some prototypes in between. I like the Steampunk version because it leaves all the workings exposed. You can also cover it with cloth to hide it completely. The idea is to make one frame with several covers so that you have wings for every occasion. I have a picture that I can't find with all the dimensions on it that will be added as soon as I find it.



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    Hello, Mecheng42/Brandon. I really like the wings. Were you able to locate the dimensions? If so, can you please post them? Thanks in advance.

    This is an awesome creation! Beautiful, impressive and you're truly inspirational!

    It was nice of you to offer assistance to the guy whining about wasting $30 when unable to make your design work properly! Instructables arent kits or designs sold for profit, so Im baffled by the initial angry message you received. Generally I assume if something I make doesnt work, its due to an error on my end, I need to adjust my work or better yet, I begin by making a small scale model. I don't know I would have been as generous as you, although your response certainly inspires me (to attempt) to emulate your kindness and patience.

    This is SO COOL!!!! I would love to do something like this for a cosplay I plan to do some day. I don't want to copycat but how did you make it retractable and is it possible to make the wings a little smaller than 13ft?

    Dude, these are awesome!
    I'm making a pair of articulated wings for an assignment so I've been trawling the internet doing research and the gotta say no one else has thought of using bike chains and pnuematics to open them. So clever!

    Hey I saw you at maker fair! at least I think I did.

    My son and I made a simplified version of your wings for his Halloween costume and he won the grand prize in his school's costume contest. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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    I am a little late but that is awesome, Do you have pics? I love to see what other people make.

    I'm a little late, too. :). You can see our version at

    I think I met you at the First Salt lake city Steamfest. I'm still impressed by these wings!

    they are out of a heavy canvas. I was going for a sailcloth look. I would recommend you don't do them out of the same material. you can get the same effect with a MUCH lighter cotton. It made the wings fairly heavy. If you make it the same scale it took 2 yards of fabric but I had none left over.

    this dosent work. i took the reference pic, scaled it up, and it binds itself. i think you posted a bad reference pic. i spent 30$ on wood, and nuts and bolts and its trash now. thank you.

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    What did you scale it too? The reference images were the actual SolidWorks drawings I used. If you have a pic I may be able to help.

    Wow this is awesome :D
    I showed it to my sister (because when she was lite she made her selfs own wings) and she loved them :D

    Nope. There isn't too much I'm into. But seeing others dressed up, and some of theirs costume (aside forms the guy dressed up as iron man, in the element form) it seems like it would be a riot to dress up now.

    Yes you did. I was a Steampunk Aviator on Fri and Lego Batman on Sat. Did you dress up?

    i must make this! (i say that about mostly anything cool and/or steampunk)
    a video would be nice.

    mine would probably would have little claws on the wing tips.