Steampunk Wooden Book

Introduction: Steampunk Wooden Book

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I found this wooden box that looks like a book with a pull out tray at Hobby Lobby a little while ago. It has just been sitting in my closet and I finally decided it would be cool to decorate it to look steampunk. I decorated the outside and the pullout drawer. Here is what I came up with.

I painted the entire box and pull out piece with Folkart Acrylic Paint in Metallic Antique Gold.  Once I had the box painted, I found this hat image through a google search and printed and cut it out. I then used Mod Podge to attach it to the front.  Next, I took some Graphic 45 paper and tore it to fit on the front as well. Once it was applied with Mod Podge, a light painting of the metallic gold paint was brushed over it to distress the tone of the paper.  Finally, I added some Tim Holtz gears to the front to finish it off.

For the inside part, I printed some steampunk blueprints from a google search and mod podged them to the inside. I then added a small pencil that came from the Michaels Craft Store jewelry section. They have a brand of products now that are similar to Tim Holtz style.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    going to make own version of Neo's simulacra and simulation. Did you use any primers on your wood. I am familiar your model as I bought one similar from a chain craft store locally. mine is slightly smaller version that opens from the spine and the hinges are on the opposing side on the "pages" where the "book" would open. mine will be green but since the hinges are gold i am going to "gild" the pages and paint them gold while the rest can be the green. i'm foregoing to lettering and leaving it plain. need some originality. id also like to paste a scrap photo of Morpheus' hands when he is holding the pills out to Neo. I/ was wondering if the Mod Podge is specifically designed for this type or thing or is just a general craft glue? should i seek it out or will any glue do? any help is appreciatted