Steampunk Dragon-styled NERF Jolt




Introduction: Steampunk Dragon-styled NERF Jolt

A somehow graphic novel styled Nerf that looks like an Asian dragon meeting steampunk? Sounds like a bad idea - but it was great fun to do this. But you may judge it yourself - here's how to do it

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Step 1: Needed Materials

Material List:
- "Smiffys Dart Gun with Foam Bullets"
- Nerf Jolt (I used the orange N-Strike type)
- 2 components epoxy putty of your choice
- Gypsum or each other cheap filling mass
- A brazen wall hook like this one
- Covers for the Nerf -Pattern (diameter max. 2,6 cm, thickness approx. 1mm)
- Instant adhesive
- spray paint & varnish
- Acrylic paint

Tools list
- carpet knife
- Dremel with typical equipment
- Glue gun
- Drill (4mm)
- Sculpting tools (optional)
- Sandpaper (coarse and fine)
- Brushes

Step 2: Disassembling the Smiffys

The stock blaster was quite useless: the performance is lousy; the supplied darts (they don’t match the picture which is shown by the supplier, are just cheap and consist very firm foam) have a much smaller diameter than CS darts (which excludes their use). Furthermore they start to fishtail and loop after about only 2 - 3 meters.
Other negative points are: The plastic is really thin and soft, and the catch was not working.

So pull it apart by using your screwdriver.

Step 3: Blaster's Marriage

Cut out the needed parts of the smiffy’s body (see picture) using a heated carpet knife – which works fairly well.

Cut down the internal holders with the Dremel so that the parts of the shell can be attached directly on the previously unmodified Jolt.

In order to be able to place the dragon’s barrel over the Jolt's barrel, it is necessary to cut a gap into the upper end of the Jolts trigger guard (mine was about 2 mm wide, but 1 mm should also be enough). Also, you'll have to make a cut-out for the Jolt trigger.

Step 4: Modelling

Now align the barrel's front part. Fix it with hot glue, then glue on the halves of the dragon's head onto the sides with exact fit. In addition, you can use 2 of the original screw fittings.

Not visible in the pictures is that there will be a huge hole beyond the dragons head resulting from the cut off handle of the original blaster. Close it with fine gypsum-based levelling compound or whatever you find sufficient for this. The muzzle can be modeled from 2 components epoxy putty by using the round edge of a sculpting tool.

Fill the screw holes, the channel of the original plunger rod and the gaps between Jolt and the dragons head with epoxy putty, too.

Step 5: Smoothin' It

The Nerf logos can be removed with a sharp knife to keep the grid on the handle flawless.

Afterward, sand everything smooth (coarse to fine) – this improves the paints adhesion.

There are several very good painting tutorials on the net, so I omit this here. Paint it as you wish.

Step 6: Fine Works

To cover the Nerf logos, brass ornaments (available by DIY jewellery supplier) can be used. Bend them to match the handle of the Jolt and glue them on using instant adhesive. Cut off the end of the jolts plunger rod and drill a hole with a 4mm drill into the rod.
Screw in a brass wall hook from the hardware store to the cocking mechanism. Covering the screw with instant adhesive will prevent further rotation. Finish it with a random matte clear spray varnish.

Step 7: Vary It

Of course this technique could be also used with shells of other blasters, like I’ve done with this jolt and the shell of this blaster issued by a German company.

Acknowledgments to users Lorcan & Lord of Xenos of for hints and discussion.

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