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Introduction: Steampunk Goggles



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    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Would be cool if it auto-adjusted to light levels, maybe with Arduino?

    I am completely speechless..... the most beautiful spectacles in the world. I am not joking...


    1 year ago


    this is pretty awesome !!!!!!!!!!!:)

    By the way, you have an absolutely incredible talent. What is the time frame for a piece like this one?

    Ok so I only have one question. How and or where did you learn to do this kind of work?
    Are you an engineer, machinist, or just hobbyist? Alright so its a two part question, shoot me. :p

    Awesome work. I've learned a lot just by looking at the pictures!

    I must say, this is the greatest steampunk themed piece I've come across so far on instructables. From the finish to the irising lens, it's a masterpiece. You will have had this posted several times, and I appreciate you may not want to, but if you could make an instrucable for this marvelous contraption, I, and most likely the majority of instructables, would be greatly obliged.

    You, sir, are a genius and an inspiration to me.
    Hopefully, when I have the time and the materials, I can try to imitate one of these and give goggle-making a shot myself.
    Kudos to the great work, and keep it up! :)

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    If you have plans to sell it in the future please let me know about that :3

    I have to say, after flipping through most of the creations you have posted, this has to be my favorite, I was wondering though, how much does it cost to make something like this?

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    This is one of my first craft of steampunk. I like it too, but today would make it better :)
    About the price. I've never sold my works, I do not know how much they cost.
    Thank you.