Steampunk Headphones

After the padding on my Razer m250s started to peel away, I wanted to repair them and make them more awesome.  The padding was reinforced with leather and replaced entirely on one of the pair.  I then foiled the outside part of the headphones with silver foil, and added some large gears and tension dials from my collection of watch parts.  I varnished the whole lot a couple of times, so everything is nice and secure (the foil tends to flake off otherwise).  They're just as comfortable as before, and the sound is still great.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I think even without the gears and perhaps  a different color scheme (main headphones faux wood finish and the fiddly bits in brass/keep the steel look even?) this might have pulled off steampunk more.

    I'm not saying they look bad or anything, I really dig these. I'm just saying the really excellent steampunk mods of stuff, part of what makes them so cool is that they look like every part of them is functional in some way.

    Great job, anyhow :3