Steampunk Inspried Skull Lamp




Introduction: Steampunk Inspried Skull Lamp

Made this about a year ago (2011). I was feeling Steampunkish and came up with this sweet lamp idea.

This is a Victorian Era, Steampunk inspired Skull lamp. Handmand and is unique in style and in design. Fully funtional and interactive. Plugs into any standard US outlet.

Features real brass and copper parts. Includes a 40 watt fancy vintage bulb, knob on the skulls head dims the bulbs light. Port window which features brass clock gears. A knife switch on the back of the skull which turns on two smaller lights that flash on the base of the lamp (this run on one 9 volt battery)

I sold this one on Ebay for $130.USD.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a fantastic and creative piece of work, I like it alot, although I'm quite surprized it has garnered no comments.