Steampunk-ish Tech Support Eyepiece V1

About: I'm a home schooled teen with a box of junk and an imagination. I plan on doing a lot of steampunk items, but I currently lack the materials to make much. As an amateur, I appreciate any advice you all have,...

Intro: Steampunk-ish Tech Support Eyepiece V1

Well, I got bored one day and this is what came of it.. I know its not completely qualified as steampunk to most, but it's a work in progress.

What I used:

1 old belt
1 old MegaMan game ( it was shaped like a PET and I used part of it for the earpiece)
Half a pair of sunglasses
A random piece of metal


 So, what do people think? Since its my first build, helpful criticism is appreciated. God bless!



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