Steampunk Lamp.

Introduction: Steampunk Lamp.

So this weekend i made this lamp. It is replacing an ikea reading light.
It is made from copper,brass an old 40watt Philips light buld and a 1watt led and some scrap wood.

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Step 1: The Base.

For this you need:
2x 35cm long wood
wood glue
3x dowels
6mm drill
And a hammer just to make sure its all nice and tight.

Step 2: Base Layout.

It is important that you do this before you start painting etc. Best is to use a pencil, because you can sand that away easy.
you will need:
1x15mm 17cm copper pipe
2x wall mount (if you call it that) 15 to 15 mm
6x brass screws.
3x 15mm 45deg copper bends
2 meters of 2mm instalation wire.
2 radio bulbs. i used 2 old philips. 1 eu each
1x light bulb
1 piece 3mm copper tube. I got mine from a thermocouple. cheap.
16mm speed drill
2mm drill
8mm drill
19mm speed drill
13mm speed drill
4x 12mm brass solder end caps.

So first mark where you want to drill.
Then drill the holes and fit every piece on its place.

Drill 1 22mm hole in every 45deg copper bend. This is for the copper wires. Bend the wire and drill in the 2 wall plates. Make sure everything fits nice and snug. After you marked and drilled everything remove all the parts and turn it upside down.

take your 13mm speed drill and drill the holes for the 12mm end caps.

Step 3: Painting and Sanding.

sand everything nice and smooth. make sure all the markings are gone to. Wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry. Then choose to color you want. i used a dark stain color and floor laquer. Wait for 20/25min between the layers.

Step 4: Building and Soldering.

For this step you need:
solder flux
solder rings
sand paper.

Sand the parts that need soldering.
Use the flux and drop your 15mm ring in the hole.
Put your 15mm pipe in the hole and against the solder ring. Heat the brass plate and after a few min the solder will melt. Stop heating and let it cool down.
After cooling mount the whole thing on the wooden base.

Step 5: The Lamp.

you need:
1x 15mm 25cm long copper pipe
1x 12mm 20cm pipe
1x 12mm connection pipe.
1x copper thea light holder
1x 12mm brass or copper end cap
1x 12 to 15mm reducer.
1x15mm solder ring.

Everything you see on this lamp is soldered. This involves a gasburner,hot solder and very very hot copper and brass parts. Keep a hot cloth within reach. And keep in mind that they will stay hot for a long time.

With that in mind, and secretly hoping you know how to solder, we start with the lamp.

First cut a 25cm long piece of 15mm pipe. Then a piece of 12mm. I just geussed my length but i think its about 20 cm.
Get some fine sandpaper and rough up all the ends. Use a pipe bender to bend the 12mm pipe in the angle you want. Again i just did it by eye.
Solder the 2 pieces together using the 15 to 12mm reducer.

Drill a 12mm hole in the tea light holder. Push the 12mm connection pipe over the pipe. After that push the tea light holder on the pipe. Then solder the 12mm end cap on. You need it to mount the led on. It act like an heatsink.

After the soldering turn the whole thing around with the holder facing down. Now comes the tricky part. Push the end cap up and start heating the holder. Don't be afraid about and color changing, we polish that out later on. After heating it for about 3min, put the burner away and apply solder between the pipe and the tea light holder. Then push the small 12mm connection pipe down and apply solder. You have about a minute to do this. Let it cool down and polish all the discolouration away with copper and brass polish.

Step 6: Switches and Wiring

parts needed
3x 15mm 45deg bends
3x 15mm end caps
3x small toggle switch
3x 1.5cm 15mm pipe

First apply super glue to the bend and push them in the holes we made earlier. Remember you have about 30sec. So try to get them right the first time.

Drill 1 hole in every and cap for the switch. Rough every piece of pipe with sandpaper in order for the glue to stick properly. Make sure you got all the wiring right. You have only 1 chance. Apply super glue on all the parts and put them together.

Step 7: Wiring the 1 Watt Led.

drill a hole in the end cap. Not in the center but a little off. This way you have more room for the led. Sand the led back and end cap. And use super glue. It should hold when the led gets warm. But only time will tell.

Step 8: Last Bits.

Push the led against the radio tube and fill the hole with hot glue.
The glue the 4 brass endcaps on the bottom of your base. I used super glue. worked perfect. There are a few bits and bobs. Not realy worth mentioning.

Step 9: Finished Product.

And now after all your hard work you have a nice lamp. I say flip the switches and enjoy.

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    thank you. Its a lot more work then i thought in the first place. But the end result is better then i thought.