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About: Just a normal person, ill think... hobby is to make things from scratch........ Teacher at a vmbo school, electrics,metalwork,plumbing,central heating and energy..

Just a few lamps i made from some plumbing materials.

Step 1: Materials Needed :

glue, some spray paint and the parts on the photo's.

the glas is optionel, just use your own find....

Step 2: The Wires on the Glas

On the glas vase i made some wire just decoration, its up to you if you want it.

place the rings on the vase like shown, measure the distance, and make at least 4 cupper wires as shown on the picture..

or 6the ..... next is to arange them on one side, then put the glas in the middle and slide them in place...

the smal ring i glued on one of the glas vases is just another decoration....

Step 3: Preparing the Glas

make a hole the size of the fitting, glue it, also glue the plug in the glas.....

next is to place the lamp socket end connect the wire.... beware there is no damaged wire,,,,,

next thing is to place the glas on the socket and ready.....

Step 4:



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    oldshipGhost Wolf

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thx for commenting, but what do you mean with a wood box, a piece of wood or a real box made of wood ?


    4 years ago

    steampunk, I love it!
    keep up the good work :)