Steampunk/Elegant Mobile Phone Case




This is a quick and easy Instructable on how to "class-up" your standard Galaxy S II Flip Cover

Step 1: Gather Your Materials or " Mise En Place "

Here are my materials:
The flip cover
Pewter paint, I chose pewter because, while I love Steampunk, I'm not really into all the brass.
A base and/or top coat as the brand dictates
An Omni tool of some sort, to pop shanks and things off your bits and bobs
An adhesive of some sort, I recommend E6000 because I live in an extreme climate and it' wont succumb to heat
Some bits and some bobs to make it look nice

You may also want
a pair of wire snips, if the shanks are to tough
a grinder of some sort to file down the sharp edges

Step 2: Paint

Follow the instructions per your manufacture and paint your case.
This brand had me paint a base coat, then wait an hour.  Apply 2 coats of the metallic paint.  Allow 3 days for the paint to cure and apply top coat.

Step 3: Add Bits and Bobs

After sniping off anything that doesn't look good or that would cause your trinkets not to lay flat, apply the adhesive according to the directions.  E6000's crafting instructions state to place a liberal amount of glue on both the surface and the object to be applied, wait 5-10 minutes for maximum adhesion.  Allow 24-48 hours for the glue to cure and enjoy.



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