Steampunk/Gothic Display Cabinet

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I wanted to display all the various steampunk artefacts that I've created in a cabinet that would best enhance their qualities and this is what I have come up with.  This is not yet completed....still to add is a mirror in the back, the round windows will have a stained glass look with other items I have created.  The glass has been cut but needs to be added.

Step 1: Getting It Together!


Thrown out plywood packing crates
Odd bits of pine timber
Glass from old windows
Copper Pipes
Old Picture Framing
Power point
Wood Glue
Nails + Screws
Sheet of Acrylic
Halogen lights (only 10 watt) x 8


Router + Bits + Router Table
Drill + Drill Bits
Circular Saw + Table
Screw Drivers
Measuring Tape + Ruler
Lots of Patience

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

First off I created an octagonal base.  I cut a rectangle 900 x 600mm and then cut off the corners.  Around the base I routed and glued on some 'feet'.  The edges of the feet were routed using the bit pictured which gave the result you see.  I suggest you try different bits and more 'layers' if you'll see this later on where I have created layers of molds around the glass.  The side panels were cut to match the base.  All the angles for an octagon are 22.5°. Cutting the windows for the glass inserts required me to create a template so that all the curves would be the same.  For the template I used some acrylic I had lying around from a previous job.  First I cut out the circles using a drill bit in a piece of wood and drilling a centre hole in the acrylic.  Then I routed out the hole.  I joined the holes by routing along another piece of acrylic I screwed to the template to give me a straight line along each side of the hole. (You'll see what I mean by looking at the pictures even though the first one I cut out of wood you get the general idea.  The wood one is not as good as the acrylic one I made.)

Step 3: The Roof

Using some battons I created (the angles are 1200) a rib structure for the panels which were cut to match.  The panels gave the roof strength.

Step 4: Painting to Make It Look Awesome!

I love painting, it changes something from ordinary to extraordinary.  I primed all the wood before painting the black and then the surrounds were painted gold and silver.  After the painting I added copper pipes around the edges to frame the cabinet.

Step 5: Adding Lights/bling

I used halogen lights inside.  The ones installed here are on the bottom of the display cabinet, I will also be installing lights from the ceiling of the cabinet.  How I created the LED's around the speaker holes can be found here.



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