Steampunked Grandfather Clock.


Introduction: Steampunked Grandfather Clock.

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I found this cheap Chinese imitation Grandfather clock being dumped at the skips where I work. What a waste! So I salvaged it and when I got it home and inspected it, I found that not only was it in good nick, but all the electronic gizmos on it were fully working. The clock itself, the electromagnetic pendulum mechanism and on-the-hour chime mechanism!
However, as I am a new steampunk enthusiast and love some of the steampunk creations I have seen out there so far, I thought i'd turn my hand to my second steampunk project. The glowing bowls in the bottom are highlighter pens soaked in water, the liquid glows very brightly in the presence of any kind of blue light! Here are the results.....



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    Not really steampunk but what an awesome idea and great use of lighting well done

    I've got an old grandfather clock case in the rafters of my garage you just gave me some great inspiration to Steampunk it to the max ..... Thanks this is cool ....

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    Yeah there are almost limitless things you could do. One thing I was going to do, was put a mirror inside in the back with LED surrounds and have an infinity mirror!
    Look up "infinity mirror" if you don't know what I mean.
    Good luck!

    You can't really "steam-punk" something that is wood, brass and glass-looking to start with. But I like the lighting in there.


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    I guess "true" steampunk is completely up to date technology, built to look old.