Hacky Sack Alternative - Jianzi (steampunked)

Introduction: Hacky Sack Alternative - Jianzi (steampunked)

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For those who don't know what Jianzi is (i mean i didn't, the one i had before we've called Kuo for some reason, later on i found it's called Jianzi actually).. so, it's something like a hacky sack. Just easier to play with. You kick it, you know. Do the tricks and such. It's really fun, personally i like it much more than a hacky sack. Just watching it fly is an experience.

Here's a random video i found on youtube so you can see how it works: video link


peasant feathers

mirror foil

black and brown leather

sticky tape

piece of linoleum

2 metal rings


a tool which i don't know it's name

Step 1: The Base

I made the main part from a linoleum (use a cardboard if you don't have it).

Draw two circles and cut them out (2cm radius)

Glue them together and make sure at least one side is a "wooden" side.

And drill a hole for feathers.

Step 2: Feathers

Tape them,and then make a thin ring around,(it goes between the two linoleum rings).For that, use some good glue, which is flexible and very strong. Think i used the one for textile,shoes and such a things (smelled horrible:D)

Step 3: Silver Ring

Measure the height of your base and cut the mirror foil into strip like on the pictures and try it if it fits. Remove protection both protection foils.

Then i used this tool which i don't know it's name...to make "rivets". Space between them is about 1,5 cm.

And stick around the base. (using super glue at the ends for sure)

! Do not use steel for this part

Step 4: Metallic Fan

Pictures tells you everything i hope. Radius is 1,8 cm.

Step 5: Leather Cirle

Under the "fan" i've put a black leather cirle with few holes for air movement. It is sligtly smaller then the base,about 1,9 cm radius

Step 6: Steel Rings

Use anything like this, these are from antena i think. Use real steel so when you kick the jianzi it makes a nice jingle sound.

Step 7: Kick Part - Lower Part

On the intro pictures you can see a real leather, but i have used an eco-leather at the end for this part,because it damages over time i i will have to replace it anyway. Just cut another cirle and glue it.

Step 8: Assembling

A thread helps you to put rings and leather cirle onto the rest and it's ready to play!

Just tell your friends to be gentle to it.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Change of plans, i'm sorry but i don't have youtube channel anymore, neither the jianzi. Gave it to my friend. But if he decides to make his own channel (he's doing a freestyle football) then i guess the video will be made. So.. I'll send you a PM and put a link here then .)


    5 years ago

    A drill is the tool