Steampunked Maverick 2012

Introduction: Steampunked Maverick 2012

After i have seen a lot of similar guns, i want to create my own one.

Building time: 3,5 hours

Costs: around 45 Euros
Colours Revell Model colour 4 different
1 small golden spraycan


Nerf Gun Maverick
two earrings of Metal from the 1Euro shop
4 old golden laserpointer caps
the manometer of an actually lowprice Foot-Bicycle-pump 
an old plastic light in blue from a MickeyMose Magazine
and a old piece of leather of a flexible sunglassesbag fits exactly around the handlebars

You don't have to open the gun and its still in function

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    The addition of the bike pump is really genius. Nice work!