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I have been sewing and crafting for several years, my children are grown so now I have lots of ti...

Intro: Steering Wheel Cover

I live in the American Southwest, and the Summers can get pretty hot here. It's important to have a steering wheel cover, not only to keep the steering wheel clean but sure helps when the temperature gets up to 110 degrees! Here is an easy way to make an inexpensive and washable steering wheel cover. These instructions are for a 15" steering wheel. If your steering wheel is a different size, adjust accordingly.

To figure out the measurement for the perimeter, you will need to calculate using Pi. I took the diameter of the steering wheel, 15", and then multiplied by 3.14, which gave me 47.10. Then I added the seam allowance, 3/8" on each end (give or take) and that's how I came up with 48".

You want the cover to wrap around the steering wheel snugly.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need Cotton fabric, 1/3 yard, denim scraps, 2 yards of 1/4" wide elastic, sewing machine, matching thread. Large safety pin. measuring tape.

Step 2: Sew Denim

The denim layer helps to insulate the steering wheel, I also use scraps of denim when I sew pot-holders.Cut 2 lengths of denim, 4" wide x the perimeter of the steering wheel. If you cut up an old pair of jeans like I did, sew 2 pieces together at the short ends using a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine- do not overlap. If you are using heavy-duty denim, you will only need 1 thickness. Sew the other ends together. Now you have a 4" wide denim circle. Make another one the same way. Place one circle inside the other, staggering the seams. Pin.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Cut a piece of cotton fabric 6" x 48" or 2 pieces of fabric 6" x 24-1/2" & place right sides together. Sew together at one of the short ends. Press seam open.

Step 4: Pin Fabric Onto Denim

Place the denim in the center of the wrong side of fabric. Pin. Turn under raw edge 1/2".

Step 5: Sew Casing

Turn the sides of the fabric under 1/4". Turn under again 3/4". Pin all the way around. Repeat with the other side. Sew around both sides, leaving 1" gap open for elastic.

Step 6: Elastic

Cut 2 pieces of 1/4" elastic, each 30" long. Attach a large safety pin to the end of one and push it through one side of the steering wheel cover. Hand stitch the ends together. Repeat with the other piece of elastic on the other side of steering wheel cover.

Step 7: The Finished Product

Now, wasn't that easy? These would make great gifts for family and friends. You could use fabric that matches the car or use school colors...



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    4 years ago

    Gosh! I Love All of Your Ideas Please Keep Them coming! Your Fan! ?


    4 years ago

    Very nice! ? Good Idea!!! Thanks for sharing! ?

    What an awesome little sewing project. 110 degrees definitely sounds hot enough to cause pain so I bet this is really useful. Thanks for sharing!