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For a long time, i wanted to install steering wheel cover as i like the feel of steering and the increased grip. Unfortunately, i was not able to get a cover fitting my steering as the thickness of the steering is rather large as compared to average size. Hence the covers available in the market were not able to fit completely. I had tried a couple of them but did not find them to my satisfaction. Couple of days back i was searching for a cover on aliexpress when the idea of doing a cover myself struck me. I then started looking on this website for an instruct-able and came across one where the author had tried making it on his own and did it to perfection. This gave me a confidence that the i can do one myself as well.

To start with I took a left over piece of notice board cloth that was lying at home and started the DIY.


Step 1: Materials Required and Cost

1. A piece of notice board cloth in length as per the circumference of the steering wheel - free. It was a left over piece.

2. 1/4th meter PU leather piece (this size is more than enough to make 2 covers of normal size but my steering being thick, this size was good for one cover only). This was the minimum size sold by the leather guy - Rs. 90 (US$ 1.5)

3. Stitching the seams of the cover - took it a bag repairer who took approx. US$ 1 to do it .

4. Stitcthing threads - 30 cents

5. Adhesive - 20 cents

6. Measuring tape, ruler, pencils, scissors etc.

7. Time - 4 to 5 hrs.

Started with cutting the notice board cloth to the length of the circumference of the steering wheel and 11 cm width. Got it stitched locally form a cushion maker and put it over the steering. The size was few cms more and hence had to stitch it at home myself to fit the size and cut the rest of the piece. Now it was as per the size. Image shows this cover put over the steering and markings done to cut the actual cover accordingly.

Step 2: Cutting the PU Leather to Make the Cover

Once the prototype was fine, I procured the PU leather piece and cut the same according to the prototype. Once this was done, i put some sample stitches on the PU cover and tried it on the steering wheel. Initial dimensions were ok and hence i started marking the steering wheel control positions and the areas to cut. Once this was done, it was time to fold the sides to make side stitches for stitching the cover on the wheel.

After the dimensions were marked, I started cutting and folding the edges to stitch from sides. Intention was to fold only so much that the width of cover should not become less than 11 cm. The sides were cut to dimensions and folded inside and then pasted with fevi-bond to enable stitching easily.

After this step, it was time to stitch the ends and make the cover wearable on the steering.Took it to a local bag vendor and got the stitching done to make the cover in a circle shape. it was time to put the cover on the steering and check for fitment.

The dimensions were perfect and the cover snugly fit the steering wheel. now it was time to stitch the same making it usable.

Step 3: Stitching the Cover on the Steering Wheel

Took a long needle available at home and bought a nylon thread to sew the cover.

Typically, the stitches on the ready-made covers available in the market are a bit longer which reduces the stitches while sewing the cover but since this side stitching was done with a local bag shop, the stitches were of normal length and hence the sewing became more time consuming. Refer to the image of the close up and you'll understand what I mean.

The sewing took close to 2 hours to complete but this DIY gave me immense satisfaction of doing this myself. Also the ready-made covers available in the market do not cover the bottom portion of the steering as that is the thickest part close to 13 cms and no cover fits it. This custom cover was made considering this width and hence covers the overall steering. take a look at the last image.

Leaving aside the slight mismatch in the shade of the cover, the overall job was pretty fine though being my first time. I hope you liked the DIY and the steps mentioned.

Next up would be similar cover with the correct share so that it matches the upholstery of the vehicle. Coffee brown probably. Will update this instruct-able as and when I do the new cover with the correct shade and possibly some cushioning.

Do let me know your feedback and I would be more than happy to have any suggestions on the same. Thanks.!



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    This is the best way to get a good cover. All the commercial ones that just fit over the edge never look as good.


    This is the best way to get a good cover. All the commercial ones that just fit over the edge never look as good.


    This is the best way to get a good cover. All the commercial ones that just fit over the edge never look as good.