Steering Wheel for Phone

About: Just a boy with own workshop

Special for iPhone 5/5s/SE

Step 1: Preparation


1.Two cardboard boxes.


3.AA Battery (Old)




7.Glue Gun

8.Duсt Tape

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting

1. Make a 2 circles with a divider. (radius is about 8.5 centimeters).

2.Cut it (2 pieces)

3. Make a circle with a divider. (radius is about 9 centimeters).

4. Cut it (1 piece)

Step 3: Hole for Phone

1. Hold the layers with each other with an adhesive tape

2. Make a hole for your phone in two layers (8.5 centimeters and 9 centimeters)

P.S: 9 centimeters in the middle

2.1 (Photo 5) stick the back wall by glue gun(8.5 cm)

3. To cut additional holes from the top and bottom with a knife

4. Glued all layers together

Step 4: Hinge

Glue battery to back of wheel

Step 5: Stand

1. Make a triangle as in a photo1

2.Glue one side

4. Make hole for wheel

4.1 Make limiter for wheel



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    13 days ago

    Cool design for gaming! It looks like you have an empty last step, you may want to add a little more or delete it :D Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    1 reply