Steering Wheel for Your Smartphone.

Introduction: Steering Wheel for Your Smartphone.

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Games on smartphones are fun and all but it lacks the thrill as with a console or pc. So I tried making a steerin wheel for my phone using material available at home. I did not have to spend a single rupee on the product. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

•Spectacle case(for the handle) You can use any plastic tube that fits you hand. •Wooden skewers or chopsticks (any kind of long,straight and thin rod) •A wooden board •Some rubber bands •Super glue or araldite or m-seal

Step 2: Procedure

I took a couple of chopsticks and attached each one to either sides of the spectacle cases with araldite and then used blutac for reinforcement. Once the araldite had hardened I glued this structure to the wooden board. Once the whole thing was fixed I gave it a coat of black paint. I used 4strong rubber bands to secure the phone in place.

Step 3: Button

I removed the rubber tip from a Nerf bullet and used the foam part. Then I inserted a piece of foil into the hollow of the foam. I also inserted a piece of a wooden skewer of rigidity. Once the phone was mounted on the the structure I just placed the foam contraption under the rubber band (see picture) . This acted as an extended button. The aluminium foil at one end always remains in contact with the screen but works only when the other end of the foil comes in contact with your fingertips. It can be particularly useful for racing games that do not support auto acceleration.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! Is it more fun to play than just holding the device?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Definitely. Also it feels quite clumsy and unnatural holding the phone straight away and I have quite big hands this drastically improved the experience ?