Stencil Brushing Ring 手工拉丝戒指

Introduction: Stencil Brushing Ring 手工拉丝戒指

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I design this process named stencil brushing. It can help you make your own pattern in many kind matiarials like metal plastic ... even kids can do it.

Essencial process :first apply stencil then brushing it

What you need:a piece of tape、a silver 925 ring、a nail polish stick

Description:Soft matiarials have better effect than hard matialrial .Metal like copper 、aluminum 、silver or soft steel is highly recommended

My english is not very good.

For better under standing the process ,you would better watch the video



说明:本工艺可以使用在各种材质表面,软的材质效果更好。金属材质如铝铜银还有软的钢材有特殊反光效果尤其推荐 过程简介:先贴胶带再拉丝,不断重复做出图案


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Step 1: Stick Tape to the Ring 在戒指表面贴胶带

Step 2: Brush the Ring in One Direction 沿着一个方向打磨

Use the polish stick to brush the ring in one direction .And then remove the tape.You can see a clear line between along the edge of tape


Step 3: Repeat Step1-step2,stick Tape and Brush Again and Again 重复第一步和第二步,不断贴胶带和拉丝


1.You would better change the brushing direction every time you stick the tape.If so you can make cool effects

2.If you always brush the ring in one direction you will make special effects,you can try it yourself




Step 4: Finish It Until You Safisfy 满意后结束

You can change the pattern anytime if you do not like it anymore.


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