Easy and Fast Pallet Table.




So what you need first is the materials You will need 1 4x8 1 sheet of plywood and 1 pallet.

Step 1: Step #2 Cutting

For step 2 you will need to cut the 4x8 into 2' foot lengths you should have 4, Then you attach them to the 4 corners of the pallet underneath as shown in the picture you can put in nails or screws.

Step 2: Step #3

Ok so for step 3 you will need to cut the plywood to the size of you pallet and then screw it to the pallet itself.

Step 3:

No picture this time but now all you need or want to do is paint it or put stain on.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Perhaps a better title for this would be the name of what it is?