Step Ladder "Bumper Guards" Made From Sugru to Protect Walls

Introduction: Step Ladder "Bumper Guards" Made From Sugru to Protect Walls

My youngest grandson thinks it's really "fun" to jump from the step ladder onto my bed when he comes to visit me. When he does that, the ladder tends to bounce back and knock against the wall. I decided to make some 'bumper guards' made out of Sugru to help protect the wall; and, it does an incredible job! :)

How to go about making this happen?
* Open a mini pack of Sugru.
* Knead the Sugru for about 30 seconds or so.
* Divide it into two clumps.
* Roll each in your hands to create a rolled section long enough to go around the top tube "handle" of the step ladder (the kids would call it a snake - lol).
* Select a spot an inch or two from each side to place the Sugru "snake".
* Press the Sugru firmly against the metal, smoothing it in a 'texture' of your choice.  (I opted to take the quick route and just squeeze the handle with the Sugru on it, then smooth the edges so it at least touched. The wall doesn't seem to mind the slight 'imperfections' *smiles*)
* Keep the kiddos off the ladder for 24 hours to allow the Sugru to cure.
* After 24 hours, "Let the kids be kids" and test their new bouncy step ladder launch pad!  ;) :)

Props to the Instructables team & The Dallas MakerSpace ( for letting us discover new ways to use Sugru! :)

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