Step by Step Amigurimi Moosehead - Easy and Beginnerfriendly




Introduction: Step by Step Amigurimi Moosehead - Easy and Beginnerfriendly

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This is the first amigurimi-pattern i wrote myself,
it's beginnerfriendly and not very advanced!

If you never tried amigurimi just go for it, it's easy  :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

For the moosehead:
  • brown crotchet-yarn
  • light brown or offwhite yarn for the antlers
  • 1 yarn matching crotchet hook
  • 2 pins with black head / or 2 black beads for eyes
  • a sewing needle that matches your yarn
  • a paperclip to mark the beginning of the rounds
  • polyfill
For the shield:
  • a scrap piece of wood- texture laminate
  • cardboard template
  • pencil
  • a jigsaw
  • a file or dremel
  • thin wire and pliers
  • a small hanger

Step 2: The Head

SC= single crotchet
ch = chain
M2= make two ( increase)
sc2tog= single crotchet 2 together ( decrease)
(=33) = number of total sc after finishing this round

Round 1 : start with a magic ring  with 6 SC

Round 2 : M2 in each stitch (=12)

Step 3: Round 3-11

Round 3-6 : 12sc each round

Round 7    :  M2 in the first 6 stitches (makes 12) , then sc in the remaining 6 stitches  (=18)

Round 8    : 
8sc, then M2 the next 2 stitches, 8sc  (=20)

Round 9-11: 20sc each round

Step 4: Round 12- 4 , Stuffing and Finish

Round 12: sc2tog , 3 sc * - repeat till end of round (16)
Round 13: sc2tog , 2sc *  - repeat till end of round (12)

Stuff the head

Round 14: sc2tog , 1sc *  - repeat till end of round (8)
Fasten off

Head is finished

Step 5: Antlers Round 1-5

Round 1   : Magic ring with 7 sc
Round 2-4 : 7sc each round
Round 5     : 2 sc, 3 ch then 2sc in last two stiches  - see the pictures if unclear!

Step 6: Round 6-11

Round 6-7 : 7 sc each round
Round 8    : 2 sc, 3ch, 2sc in last two stiches of round ( exactly like round 5)
Round 9    : 2 sc , 2sctog, 3 sc (6)
Round 10  : 6sc
Round 11  : 2sc, 2sctog, 2fm (5)

fasten off

Step 7: Finishing the Antlers

take the sewing needle and a piece of yarn
make a knot on one end of the yarn

sew the antler-holes together like shown on the pictures.

pull the thread very hard before you fasten off, that the antler bends upwards

Step 8: Ears

Round 1: 4scin magic ring
Round 2: m2 in every second stitch ( =6)
Round 3: m2 in every third stitch (=8)

fasten off

make two ears

Step 9: Assembling

place antlers on side of head an sew them in place, fasten off, and hide the thread inside the head ( by pulling the needle through it)

press the ears together and sew them in place , fasten off, and hide the thread inside the head ( by pulling the needle through it)

take the black pins or beads and make the eyes

Step 10: Making the Shield

  • print the template and draw it on the piece om laminate
  • get on safety -goggles and headphones
  • cut the shield out with the jigsaw
  • take a dremel tool or a file and file the edges ( see pictures if unclear)
  • drill 2 small holes

Step 11: Assembling

take a 3 inch piece of wire
thread it though the back of the head, and through the two holes in the shield,
take the pliers and twirl it together tightly

glue the hanger-thingie on the back of the shield

Step 12: Your Done!

Now you can hang a moosehead on your wall, without killing the animal :)

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