Step by Step Guide for a Vesper Martini

We can't all spend millions in a card game against a Bond villain, but we can still drink as if we were. (Sorry for the Google photos, but I can't make it until I obtain proper martini shaker)

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Step 1: Get the Ingrediants

For this you will need:
Gordon's London Dry Gin
Vodka (any will do, but the better the quality, the better the martini will be)
Lillet Blanc (the modern version of Kina Lillet)
1 Lemon
Glass (for added Bond feel make it a martini glass or a deep champagne goblet; the triangle glass)
1 Martini Shaker
crushed ice

Step 2: Measure and Mix

Into the shaker measure out:
3oz of gin
1oz of vodka
1/2 oz lillet blanc

Shake well over ice and pour into glass. Be sure to strain out the ice while pouring. 

Step 3: Twist of Lemon

Wash the lemon. Then hold it in one hand and peel as long a strip as you can with the other. The standard peel length seems to be about 2-3 full rotations of the lemon.

Step 4: Enjoy

Add the lemon peel to the glass and enjoy.

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    2 years ago

    Looks great. Only slight point of improvement is you could add a dash of cinchona extract to it to more closely mimic the flavour or Kina Lillet.