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Introduction: Stephen King's 2017 IT Cardboard Haunted House Diy

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I couldn't wait to start making this IT haunted house. It is completely made out of cardboard. I hope you like it and I hope you can make one for your Halloween party. Let me know if you like it. I will be putting up more halloween props how to's and much more. Thanks DIY Halloween Couple

Step 1: Items Needed for Cardboard IT Haunted House 2017

Items needed for this project

2 rectangle cardboard boxes. 1 for the house & the other for the extra siding shingles. scissors - good ones hot glue gun 20 small glue sticks 10 large sticks gray & red spray paint. white, black, yellow, orange, red paint 2 small skeletons bought this from $ tree Pennywise & Georgie characters old white dress shirt 1 tea bag moss- i used real weeds I couldn't find my moss I battery operated strobe colorful sharp knife please be careful with anything sharp tinfoil pencil scotch tape hand tissue wipes duct tape razor ruler yard stick variety of paint brushes bubble paint for raincoat clear plastic which was from my glue stick packaging & plenty of patience

Step 2: Beginning Stages of the Homemade IT Haunted House

I Started with a rectangle large box. The measurements are 33" x 18" x 16". I drew out a rough draft for the windows. I cut a seperate piece of cardboard the size of my windows. This way all the windows were the same size. I cut lots of long pieces of cardboard for the siding. I also used the strips for the shingles. I peeled the backing to the cardboard off so you could see the ripples and used that for the inside of my shingles.

Step 3: Porch & Siding for My Stephen King's IT Haunted House

I made the extension of the front of the house. Then I notched the cardboard into the box (house) and hot glued it in place. I continued to hot glue the porch together. Then kept adding more siding. which took forever.

Step 4: Finishing Up Siding and Shingles It Haunted House

I continued to hot glue the siding on. The front of the roof I hot glued all of the shingles on. One by one. I then made a little custom window for the roof. I started experimenting with the paint color. I figured this would take lots of layers.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Details

The back roof lifts up so you can change light or other items. Before I hot glued all those shingles on I duct taped the back half of the roof to the front. I hot glued the weeds onto the house. I hot glued the curtains inside the house. The side of the house I scored the cardboard just enough to get it to bend. I also notched the side of the house so it would connect all together better.

Step 6: Pennywise & Georgie Prop & Red Balloon

I got a 6 pack of small skeletons from $ tree. I used one to make Georgie I hot glued material to the skeleton. Then I slowly built it up to this raincoat shape by using bubble paint. Pennywise I kept adding hot glue and then let it dry. Kept adding layers until I was happy with his big head. I used white hand wipes that I dried out for Pennywises's costume. I then took some tinfoil and made the shape of a balloon. I put reverse tape on it then switched back to cover it again with tape. I put a couple layers of tape. Then I spray painted it red. I hot glued my characters into place & hot glued the balloon. I absolutely love how this turned out. Hope you like Happy Halloween.

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