Steps to Making a Computer Programable Volcano

Introduction: Steps to Making a Computer Programable Volcano

Have you ever tried to make a volcano erupt by using electricity? Did you give up because you got too confused? Well with the help of my project you will not have to go through the complications  of figuring it out for yourself. You will view programing and electricity as a much easier topic. My materials are, plaster, string, cardboard,paint, and a tube which make up my volcano which I got from Michael's. A programmable controller is a huge significance to this project for signaling pumps to fire up, which I ordered of line. A wooden table is included to screw everything in place which I got from my house because it is made from recycled material. I also have two tanks and two motors which I got from Pull a part.

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Step 1: Step One

First you must build a table for your volcano. Cut four 2x4s twelve inches long for all four corners. Then you need to drill three holes for your pipes of your tanks so you can poor vinegar and baking soda mixed with water. One for each tank. The third hole is for access to the volcanoes PVC pipe so you can secure the tube from the pump motors. Then you need to drill a hole into the tube so you can put in the pipe. Next, screw and align your tanks on the bottom of the table in two corners. I also used a sealant to secure my feeder lines to my PVC pipe.

Step 2: Step Two

Now we are ready to wire the controls. The type of electricity we are dealing with is called DC voltage which stands for direct current. The  most important thing you must know about electricity is to never mix positive and negative wires together or everything will go wrong. Now, we will connect the black wires from both sides, which is negative, from the first motor to the second motor and take a piece of black wire and screw it to the first screw of the terminal strip. Then we will connect red with red from both sides which is posotive and connect a piece of red wire to the second screw of the terminal strip. Then we will use yellow wire and connect those two together for the third screw of the terminal strip. Then we will take the two pipes from both motor put them into the hole of the volcanoes tube and use a sticky white material and mush it around the pipe.

Step 3: Step 3

After that we take three more wires just like the two positives and negative and match them up with their colors. Black is negative, yellow and red are positive. The Black negative wires will always go into the slot letter M of the programmer. The yellow and red wires, which are positive will go into Q2 output 1 to message the other wires to fire up their motors and tanks. The next we had to is put one end of a red wire into Q1 slot 1 and the other end into L+, since that is where the positive wires go. It is also to power the L+ to fire up the programmer. We also have a red wire going from Q1 slot 2 to Q2 slot two to supply power for the outputs of the programmer. We then have two red wires, one in L+ and I1 going to the control button to cycle tell the programmer to run through one eruption cycle. Power is supplied to the project by way of a rechargeable 12VDC  battery

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