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I won't bore you with my whole story but I'll tell you a little about myself and my pumpkin art. I'm an artist and pretty much always have been since I was small kid. I'll mess around with anything I can be creative with but specialize in pencil drawings, paintings and custom artistic creations. I started pushing the direction of my pumpkin carving creativity a few years ago for a work contest. I got second place that year and was pretty ticked. I vowed to annihilate the competition the following Halloween. So I created this awesome full bodied mummy pumpkin that achieved my goal and subsequently got me banned from creative involvement in all future pumpkin contests..... So not fair!!! LOL Anyway I liked the direction my creations were going so this year I wanted to push myself again with a tribute pumpkin to someone that recently passed but impacted my life in a positive way. I chose to memorialize Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. This was my first attempt at capturing the likeness of someone from a picture. I'm happy with how it turned out and thought you and your viewers might enjoy it. I live in farmhouse that doesn't get any kids for Halloween so instead of letting it go to waste on my porch. I called the nearest Apple store to me here in Mason, Ohio and asked if they were interested in my creation for the store employees and customers. I was pleasantly surprised by the answer and dropped the pumpkin off later that day. Hope you like:)"



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    I have a strand of blue holiday lights that I used inside just outta curiosity. Mixed with the color of the pumpkin it turned out green.. LOL


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks incredible! The third picture in this slideshow is what really sold this for me. Maybe even more people would click through if you used that as the first one? I would also love to see what tools you use. Maybe your next one will be a step-by-step :D

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    I like the lit one as well but it unfortunately doesn't show all the detail. I used clay and wood carving tools such as small chisels and ribbon tools. Yeah I'll try to do a step by step next time but in these kinda projects its hard to plan how things will go....



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Incredible carving. You're very talented. Thanks for sharing! You said that you based your carving on a photo. I'm wondering if you can post the original photo in your slideshow?

    Also, I'm curious if you can tell us amateurs what kind of carving tools you use? I frequently use nothing smaller than a paring knife (and my carvings show it!). Likewise, do you do anything special to retard the rotting of the pumpkin?

    Thanks again.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction


    I uploaded a pic that was my reference for the carving for you. the challenge was translating a flat image into a 3D image that worked and made sense. I used wood and clay carving tools only, no dremmel or other power tools. All together I'm guessing it took 8 -10 hrs. I didn't put anything on it to preserve it so if you do one it's best to get good pics and enjoy it while you can:)

    Thanks and good luck.