Steve Riding a Pig Minecraft Cardboard Halloween Costume




My son really wanted to be Steve, riding a pig for Halloween.

I had already made a Steve's head from a cardboard box with some styrofoam inside for stabilizing for a Minecraft birthday party he attended earlier in the year.  We primed it and then I painted Steve on, adding in extra skin toned blocks to make it look truly Minecraft.

The body of the pig is a cardboard box we purchased from a storage unit facility with the bottom flaps cut off and notched "feet".  Originally we needed to transport the costume for an event the weekend prior to Halloween and I used sticky sided velcro to make it foldable.  

Steve's legs are coke boxes, flipped inside out.  

I glued on the head (and snout later on when my son informed me that the texture pack he wanted it modeled from had a snout.  Faithful 32x32 was the texture pack).  

My husband is the spray painting expert, I'm far too impatient and my work ends up drippy.  He lightly primed it for me, and then also put on the pink base coat for the piggy.  I finished it out with acrylics, again loosely based on the texture pack photos my son provided.

I took apart an old backpack to make back straps as well as front straps that were adjustable.  I used large pieces of duct tape inside the costume to hold the straps (and also had left a bit of fabric from the backpack there to have a larger surface area to attach to).  I sewed the ends of the straps to the remaining portion of backpack (with straps) after black duct tape failed (hey I was in a rush to finish this sucker!).  

The carrot on a stick was made from two of the remaining flaps from the large cardboard box that I glued together.  The carrot hangs from a bit of black yarn and the effect is pretty neat I think!  

We also had a styrofoam sword we made awhile ago, and a cardboard mini pickaxe as well as a cardboard diamond for props.  

My son loved the effect, but it was difficult getting to some houses due to the width of the piggy.  If I had to do it over again I would have chosen a smaller box that only be a little bit larger than my son.  



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    AWSOME I just got the inspiration to make a minecraft HORRER map ? and the costume?


    5 years ago

    that is sooo ligit!!!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very good job on the pixles of the pig and steve well done!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    this Halloween whilst trick or treating i saw a kid as a spider jockey it was really well done.