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Introduction: Steven Universe Custom Amethyst Cutout

About: i am a steven universe fan. i love drawing and cats.

Have you ever wanted you own custom amethyst cutout? Then today's your lucky day! I will be showing you how to draw and color amethyst!

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Step 1:

Draw the piece of hair in front of her eyes. It's very similar to pearls "curls"

Step 2:

Draw her head shape. It's just a plain old circle.

Step 3:

Add her nose. It's very similar to a ruby nose. But just a little rounder.

Step 4:

Draw her eye. Just another circle. Make sure it lines up with the top of her nose.

Step 5:

Her pupil is just a plain old circle again.

Step 6:

When drawing her mouth draw a cat mouth and some sideways c's on the top. Just like garnets mouth.

Step 7:

Add her hair. When you draw her hair make sure it's pretty spiky. Kinda like Jasper's hair. Just make sure you have some of those pearl "curls".

Step 8:

Congratulations you finished drawing her! But now it's time to outline it.

Step 9:

Once you've finished outlining her, erase all of the pencil marks. Amethysts pupils are indigo so try to find an indigo marker. If you don't have one you can use a colored pencil.

Step 10:

Get a light purple marker and color her skin. If you don't have a light enough purple then you can use a colored pencil.

Step 11:

Time to cut it out. I mean everyone knows how to cut stuff out right?

Step 12:

Congrats! Your finished with your own custom amethyst cutout!!! Now you can do whatever you want with it!

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    1 year ago

    You must be a great fan. I prefer Gravity Falls, though. New season of Steven Universe coming up this July! My siblings watch it, so they’re excited.