Stevie Wonder Woman

I was actually able to combine my love for Stevie Wonder and Wonder Woman in a costume. This was by far my favorite Halloween costume I have ever made. My sister gave me the idea last year and I had been counting down the days till I could make this funny costume. I had so much fun this year dressing up. This was the best Halloween ever, epic.

Step 1: Red Corset

Buy a red corset. You can find very cheap and super nice corsets on Ebay.

Step 2: Royal Blue Shorts

Buy a pair of adult cheerleading shorts from They are really nice and cheap. Then you need to sew white stars on the front. Make sure that you only sew 1-2 stitches in the center of the star so it does not affect the stretch of the shorts. You can find pre-cut stars at Michael's to save time.

Step 3: Wonder Woman Accessories

You will need three sparkle gold fabric sheets found at Michael's, 1 piece black felt and 1 piece red adhesive felt. I printed out patterns from the internet that I liked for my head piece/crown and my Wonder Woman Logo chest piece. I cut out the patterns and used them as a stencil.

Once the pieces of gold fabric were cut out for my "W" I sewed the gold fabric onto the black felt with gold thread found at Joann's. I used double sided tape to adhere the "W" to my corset.

I then cut out my crown and gauntlets. I used a hole puncher for the gauntlets so they could lace up. Finally, cut stars out of the adhesive red felt and stick them onto your gauntlets and crown. I added a little glue to the stars for an extra hold.

Step 4: The Boots

I wanted my feet to be comfortable this Halloween and I refused to wear heels. I found awesome Wonder Woman socks that look like her boots.

Then I spray painted a pair of fast flats red and white to match the socks. Make sure you prime you fast flats before you spray paint them red and white. I did not prime my flats and the spray paint flakes off very easily.

Step 5: Stevie Wonder Accessories

You will need to buy a sweet braided wig and black sunglasses. Finally, to complete the whole costume you will need to make a blind person's cane. I used a dowel I purchased at The Home Depot and spray painted it white. Once the white paint dried, I used painters tape to section off each end and spray paint it red.



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    The things you can do on Halloween XD Never thought of that combo