Introduction: Steward

About: Hi, my name is John. My hobby is to solve problems from other people and creating nice and functional stuff out of trash. I'm living in Germany so excuse my not so fluent English (some technical terms are ha...

My Brother who is currently working on his Doctor degree has to read a lot of paper and other stuff all day long. After such a day of reading on his desk he looks some kind of used. (Actually the day of reading isn't the problem. [just kidding bro] )

It's hard to order a height adjustable desk in University due to the bureaucratic act. So he ordered something from me... A Steward

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Step 1: First Iteration and Discussion

To give him the impression that he can control the work I've drawn something. The respond was. "I don't have any clue what that is, but do what you think is best.

Great success... for me.

Step 2: The Mainframe

... sounds like in work...

The frame is made out of steal pipes... again. I've designed the steward with "only" three legs to get a statically stable stand. It was much harder to get the angles right but it is worth the effort.

Step 3: The Tilting Mechanism Part1

My brother can't decide which angle the table should have so I needed some tilting mechanism to adjust it in the field. Therefore I've created a quite simple clamping mechanism together with a rest on the backside of the frame.

Step 4: The Tilting Mechanism Part2

The rest for the table was easy. The used wooden rod and the "Einschlaghülse" (The threaded thing in the rod. If you know what that is please leave a comment) are both from a old pallet.

Step 5: The Tilting Mechanism Part3

Somehow the table also need a joint on the front, therefore I've welded the leftover of a nut on a sheet and embedded it into the Table.

Step 6: Don't Talk About the Shelves


Step 7: The Table

The Table is made of beech, sanded and oiled. To prevent all the important paper from falling down I also added a stop.

Step 8: Coating

The first time ever I've tried browning but it looked like sh***. So I've spray-painted it like every time.

Note for all: browning is great for small parts...

Step 9: Assembly

Like every other instructable, at the end you need to screw it ;-)

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