Stickers With the GraphTec Vinyl Cutter

Introduction: Stickers With the GraphTec Vinyl Cutter

Take a vector or bitmap image and turn it into a vinyl sticker using the GraphTec Vinyl cutter. In this case we're using some heart maze stock image I stole from the internet. Get your own image (black and white works best) and get excited about your sticker.

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Step 1: Software

Start GraphTec Studio and File>Open your design.

Vectors must have a stroke weight of 0.001pt. Design in any program that will export a .dxf or .eps file (Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel...). Graphtec accepts JPGs and other raster images, however they must be converted to vector lines before cutting.

Step 2: Tracing the JPG

Object > Trace

Click “Select Trace Area” Box-select graphic. Adjust settings. Click “Trace” button.

Step 3: Send to Machine

Once your design is ready, make sure the machine is on and your material is loaded. (Refer to machine set up on following steps.)

Click Cutter>Send Cut Job>CE6000. “Cutters” menu will open on the right side of the screen. Click “Send to Cutter.”

Step 4: Machine Set Up

Turn on the cutter with toggle switch on the left hand side of the machine.

To load material, set roll on rear carriage and feed into cutter, then pull lever on back-right of cutter towards you to secure.

For a standard roll of material, press 1. You are now ready to cut! Refer to previous steps if you need help and cut your design.

Press and hold the down arrow until your design is beyond the Cut Slot, then use the knife on the back of the machine to cut the design free from the roll.

Step 5: Vinyl Sticker Weeding and Install

Once your sticker is cut, use tweezers to remove vinyl that you don't want. Be careful anytime you remove a larger piece, they tend to pull the small details with them.

Apply the transfer tape to the weeded sticker, making sure it sticks evenly.

Carefully peel the transfer tape and vinyl off of the backing paper and apply to your surface. Use the squeegee to make sure it adheres, then peel away the transfer tape.

Step 6: All Done!

Enjoy your great sticker!

Step 7: Tips and Tricks!

- The vinyl cutter is vector only, treats all colors equally, and cannot raster.

- Create vector files in Illustrator, Inkscape, or any program that exports an .eps or .dxf file.

- The vinyl cutter can print raster files as .PDF, see the tutorial on for file preparation.

- Use a stroke weight of .001pt. Thicker will lead to cutting double lines.

- Double check your file for extra lines, double lines, or vector knots.

- When you load material, you will be prompted to select your desired position. For most rolls, select “Front Edge.” If you are cutting scrap material, select “Current Position.”

- If you spritz the surface you are applying the vinyl to with water, you will have a little more leeway to move the sticker after you have applied it. Wait for the water to evaporate before attempting to move the transfer tape.

- A PDF handout of this Instructable is attached!

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