Sticking Back a Shoe Sole.




This veteran shoe finally had it sole come loose. Here is how I did a quick fix on it.

Step 1: The Glue.

This is fairly strong glue made locally. It is one of my favorite components for project making.

Step 2: Getting to Sticking.

I used a plastic butter knife to get glue to where it is needed.

Step 3: Coating the Surfaces.

Applying a coating to each surface, I let it become dry to touch before proceeding to the final step.

Step 4: Bonding!

I pressed the surfaces together to get air bubbles out. Next using a 10lb weight I let it squeeze the shoe for 48 hours.

After the shoe worked pretty good. Not bad for a 5 minutes prep job!



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    3 years ago

    I have a fantastical pair of PVC over-the-knee platform stiletto boots which I was simply in love with. I got them very cheap and as is usually the case they were very cheaply made.

    I am a fierce believer that there is no reason a man couldn't or shouldn't wear heels to his liking and being that as it may, can be seen donning my favorite heels with even the most 'manly' of ensembles. My motto has always been somewhere along the lines of , "Rage against the norm!", which is the current phrasing I subscribe to.

    Now that that is out of the way, back to the boots...

    So as can be expected from an online 'steal' that originates somewhere in China, these boots weren't made to last, and after about 3 straight months of wear and tear, the heel on one foot began to loosen. Being ever the optimist I kept them in use only taking a little more care with the failing heel. Nearly a month later it would seem that I was not to be able to wear these boots any longer.

    That's when I began to toy around with the idea of repairing the heel.....

    My first attempt was to simply hammer the staple back in that originally held the heel onto the sole. When that didn't quite do the trick I decided to heat the staple so that it would melt into the PVC heel as it was being hammered. That failed as well.

    My second attempt was to do this exact same procedure using contact cement (the kind that you glue your Formica countertops together with). That only held for a couple days. I was back to square one with a heel that I needed to clean and prepare for my next shot.

    One day I was looking through adhesives at the local hardware store and I thought, "What about an epoxy?". So i purchased some JB Weld, and "Eureka!", the heels are stompin again.

    It's been several months and they're still goin.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Pictures to follow.