"Stickman" Bedside Lamp




Intro: "Stickman" Bedside Lamp

Our bedside lamp is probably the first thing we see in the morning and definitely the last thing we see at night. So, why not make a fun and pretty one?

Tools you will need:

For this project I have used some easy to find and use tools but also some others that are more sophisticated such as planer, jointer or band saw. I know most people out there do not have access to tools like those so I will try and give you examples of other alternatives.

  • Band saw (you can use a jig saw, a circular saw or even a hand saw)
  • Planer (We will need a planer only to make sure that all of our wood pieces are same in height and thickness, a hand plane could be a good alternative)
  • Drill or drill press
  • 8mm drill bit
  • 3mm drill bit
  • Countersink bit
  • Orbital sander with 80grit sandpaper
  • Nail gun or some 2.5cm nails
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Safety glasses

Materials you will need:

  • Wood (any kind)
  • 4 x 20mm screws
  • Wood glue

Here is a video of the building process, and below you will also find a full scale pdf file with plans and dimensions.

Step 1: Cutting Out Strips of Wood

Take your wood and I cut 2.1 x 2.1 cm strips out of it.

Any piece of wood longer than 1m should do to cut all the parts for the lamp

Step 2: Stickman Body

Cut a 28cm piece. This will be our Stickmans body

Step 3: Making the Arms and Legs

Take a few strips and mark 2.1 cm from the edge. On the band saw cut the mortises and tenons as shown in the video (Images 1 and 2), or you can use a hand saw and a chisel for it.

Round the corners using a file or like I did attach your orbital sander verticaly on your work banch and use it as a vertical sander.

Then use a 3mm drill bit tom make some holes for the screws 1.1cm from each pieces edge, and a countersink to make the screws head flush to the wood.

Step 4: Glueing

Glue all the pieces as shown and use some nails to secure the joints.

Step 5: Assembly

Screw all the parts together using 2cm screws.

Step 6: The Umbrella Shaft

For the umbrella shaft cut a 1.5x1.5x25 cm piece of wood and make a 2.1x0.6 cm notch just to fit stickmans hand.

On the top make a hole to fit the lamp holder. In my case was 0.8mm.

Step 7: Finishing

Glue the shaft to stickmans hand. Connect the wires and fit the lampshade.

Its all done!

Have fun.



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12 Discussions

im making this but finding the lack of dimensions on the limbs difficult. Are they only available ob premium?

Super project though..

1 reply

2 years ago

Love your lamp! Paper is my medium so I do not have the tools to make one. Are you selling them? It would be a great addition to my studio.

1 reply
fs woodworkingStarLady1

Reply 2 years ago

Hi StarLady1. Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I do not sell them. The making of a lamp like this was just a project for me. My purpose is to inspire other people to work with wood.I am sure you can make your own. Honestly the only tools you need are a hand mitre saw and maybe some chisels. As for the wood you can order a 2.1 x 2.1 x 100 cm piece to your local carpenter. The tools I use are for professional woodworking but I use them on my videos and projects because they make my work easier. Like I said, I would be able to make the same project just with the tools I mentioned before. Start making things with wood. You will love it!!. Have a nice day, thanks again for asking.


2 years ago

I agree with Tomatoskins. We need measurements - at the least! The video was very helpful to a point but to do it ourselves we need to know more than 1"X11". LOVED the idea! It's amazing how something can look so simple and intriguing at the same time!

1 reply

2 years ago

I love quirky projects like this! I know lots of readers that would love this broken down into step by step images to take out to the shop.

1 reply
fs woodworking

2 years ago

Now palns available and instructions after your recomendations. Have fun and be safe.

fs woodworking

2 years ago

Thanks for letting me know. I already have some pictures of the process. Not many though. Will edit some and upload asap. Thanks for wathing and commenting

Penolopy Bulnick

2 years ago

That lamp is super fun! How did you come up with the idea?

fs woodworking

2 years ago

Tomatoskins thanks for watching and commenting. I know, you are right. I am making some plans now for my next project. You will get plans, pictures step by step and video. I am quite new here and this is my second instructable. So thanks again.