Stick'o Cocktails (proportions for Cocktails)

Introduction: Stick'o Cocktails (proportions for Cocktails)

Hi ALL the steps are in the video :)

i juste take some maple to make some "stick" about 150x35x7 mm

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Step 1: Quantity :)

here proportions in milimeter :)

MAI TAÏ -Orgeat -->15 -lemon juice-->15 -Cointreau -->15 -rum -->20 -ice cube

MARTINI -Vermouth -->40 -Gin -->10 -ice cube

COLLINS -simple sirup -->10 -lemon juice-->15 -Gin -->30 -spark water + ice cube

PINA COLADA -coco milk -->25 -Rum-->20 -pineapple juice --> 40 -ice cube

MOJITO -Sugar -->10 -lemon juice-->10 - mint leaves X10 -Rhum-->25 -spark water + ice cube

COSMOPOLITAN -lemon juice-->10 -Vodka -->15 -Cointreau--> 10 -cramberry juice --> 20 -ice cube

MOSQUITO -simple sirup-->10 -lemon juice-->15 -mint leaves X10 -Whiskey-->25 -Sprite -->30 -ice cube

MARGARITA -lemon juice-->15 -Cointreau-->10 -tequila --> 20 -ice cube

DAIQUIRI - simple sirup -->10 -lemon juice-->15 -rum-->20 -ice cube

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