Sticky Tape Fairy

Introduction: Sticky Tape Fairy

I made this Fairy for the Sticky Tape Challenge. The basic form is easy to make and you can dress her in whatever you fancy. She is a light weight for hanging or posting and makes a very special gift or keepsake. I enjoy customising them to the tastes of the person I am gifting them to.

Step 1: Ingredients

I used all sorts of tapes for this challenge.

black gorilla tape

blue fabric tape

narrow double sided sticky tape

white and green floristry tape

glitter tape

wide clear tape

green netting

glue sticks

tacky glue

pipe cleaner

silver foil

blue felting wool

thin green wire

iridescent wide voile ribbon

thin black permanent marker

pink permanent marker

reel of blue/green embroidery thread

sparkly light blue glitter

Four bits of Christmas decoration (bows and flowers)

Step 2: The Body

Bend your pipe cleaners into a stick-man shape

neck to groin 9 cm

arms 9 cm

legs 13 cm

Make a hole in the back of the wooden egg. I made a tool for this purpose by sharpening an old screwdriver.

Glue the wooden egg 'head' to the neck.

Step 3: Padding the Body

Pad out the body using silver foil. You can wrap the pipe cleaners in double sided tape first to stop the foil moving.

Once you have padded the body wrap it tightly in floristry tape and mould the form as you go. I finished the legs in green floristry tape.

Position the limbs.

Step 4: The Skirt

Cut two strips of net 13 cm by 60 cm

Using a narrow double sided tape, fix stripes 2 cm apart along the length of one of the pieces of net.

Remove the protective covering from the tape and fix glitter tape to the bottom of both strips of net.

Sprinkle glitter over exposed double sided tape.

Step 5: Fitting the Skirt

Thread thin wire along the top of both skirt pieces.

Fix the not stripy petticoat layer to the body upside down and inside out so that when the top skirt is fitted it gives it added body/lift.

Secure by twisting the wire at the back and trim off the excess.

Secure the striped top skirt over the petticoat and cover the rough top edge with more floristry tape.

Step 6: Decorating the Torso

Cut two pieces of green cloth tape and stick to the torso of the doll, front and back.

Add extra pieces to cover the arms.

Add double sided sticky tape stripes to the body and arms and glitter in the same way as the skirt.

Step 7: The Wings

Twist a piece of wire into a wing shape and stick to the thick clear tape.

Add wire 'veins' and top with a piece of voile.

Make sure that the voile is stuck very well and cut out the wing shape.

I made two small and two larger wings.

Stick to the back of the torso using hot glue.

Step 8: The Hair

Tie a piece of felting wool in the centre using thread.

cdomb the hair in one direction and adhere to the head using hot glue.

Step 9: Little Boots

Cut the pattern from thin card. (I used old birthday card)

Stick the cut out pieces to some black gorilla/gaffa/duct tape.

Cut out the pieces and glue them together using hot glue.

To make the heels, cut a strip of card and roll it up. cover in tape and cut to the desired length. mine were about half a cm. glue onto the heel of your boots using hot glue.

Glue the boots onto your fairies feet using hot glue.

I decorated the boots using two small bits of Christmas decorations.

Step 10: Suspension

To hang your fairy, hot glue some embroidery thread between her wings and cover with and embellishment.

Step 11: Embellishment

Your fairy can be embellished in so many ways. I used some small Christmas decorations which I placed between her wings, on each boot and on her hip. I drew the face using a black and a red permanent thin line pen. Go mad there is no end to the decorative possibilities.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I did.

Good luck and happy crafting xxx

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